Mollie Marriott – Truth is a wolf

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Mollie Marriott

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On 31 October 2017
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It's a great debut album that really shows how good Mollie Marriott's vocals are.

A great singing voice clearly runs in the family for Mollie Marriott – her father is Small Faces/Humble Pie singer/guitarist, Steve Marriott. It does mean that she’s got a lot to live up to, but I saw Mollie Marriott’s gig at the Borderline in London earlier this year and was very impressed, and really enjoyed her first single.

The first single from the album is “Control”. Check out the video here…

She’s got a great voice, which is of course why she’s spent years in demand as a backing singer, but is now establishing her own solo career. While she may have a famous father, her success is going to be down to the fact she is a very talented singer.
For this, her debut album, she worked with Paul Weller on two of the songs (“Truth is a wolf” and “King of hearts”), but most of the songs here are very personal to her, with lyrics based on relationships, breakups, and a friend dying.

Her voice really suits those emotional subjects, carrying so much passion as well as having plenty of power when the song calls for it. Mollie Marriott has a voice I could listen to for hours, and in fact I have done, listening to the album on repeat multiple times.
Of course it doesnt matter how good a singer’s voice is if they don’t have the right songs and the right band. Thankfully Mollie Marriott has both well written songs and a talented band. The mix is nicely done – the vocals are the centre of attention and while the music is lower in the mix, it’s not so low that it becomes background noise, not so high that it overshadows the vocals.

It’s a great debut album that really shows how good Mollie Marriott’s vocals are.

“Truth is a wolf” will be released on 3rd November 2017

Track listing:

1. Control
2. Broken
3. Truth is a wolf
4. Give me a reason
5. Run with the hounds
6. Love your bones
7. Transformer
8. Fortunate fate
9. King of hearts
10. My heaven can wait

It's a great debut album that really shows how good Mollie Marriott's vocals are.

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