Tankard – Zombie Attack / Chemical invasion / The Morning After / Alien (Reissues)

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On 31 October 2017
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Some great reissues

German band Tankard formed way back in 1982, and alongside Sodom, Kreator and Destruction are one of the big names of German thrash metal. They’re still going strong 35 years later, releasing their 17th studio album (One foot in the grave) earlier this year. They’re now re-issuing their first three albums – Zombie Attack, Chemical invasion and The Morning After (plus the Alien EP).

The reissues are good news for their fans as these albums aren’t easy to get hold of (especially at a sensible price). It’s interesting to listen to these first three albums one after the other. Released in consecutive years – 1986,1987,1988 the three albums plus the 1989 EP not only give fans a chance to compare the modern day band to how they sounded in the early days, but listening to the albums you can really hear the band progressing over the course of these releases.

Zombie Attack was the band’s debut album and was released in 1986. Even back then the band had settled on alcohol as a key lyrical theme, and the music sounded great, although the production isn’t as good as on later albums

Their next album “Chemical Invasion” had better production and the music was improved too, with more power and technical ability. It’s a trend that continued with third album, “The Morning after” and the following year’s “Alien” EP.

The band’s energy is clear to hear in these albums, and when you ignore the weaker production levels it’s clear that the band were already demostrating that they were a force to be reckoned with on the thrash scene, and these albums coupled with their live shows are the basis of their 35 year career. I’m guessing a lot of Tankard fans won’t have these albums, but may have some of the tracks on the compilation album “The very best of the Noise Years 1986-1995”. If you’re a Tankard fan, or a fan of German thrash metal in general then these re-issues are definitely well worth adding to your collection.

Track listings:

Zombie attack:

1. Zombie Attack
2. Acid Death
3. Mercenary
4. Maniac Forces
5. Alcohol
6. (Empty) Tankard
7. Thrash ‘Till Death
8. Chains
9. Poison
10. Screamin’ Victims

Chemical invasion:

1. Intro
2. Total addiction
3. Tantrum
4. Don’t panic
5. Puke
6. For a thousand beers
7. Chemical invasion
8. Farewell to a slut
9. Traitor
10. Alcohol

The morning after:

1. Intro
2. Commandments
3. Shit-faced
4. TV hero
5. F.U.N
6. Try again
7. The morning after
8. Desperation
9. Feed the Lohocia
10. Help yourself
11. Mon cheri
12. Outro


1. Alien
2. 666 packs
3. Live to dive
4. Remedy
5. (Empty) Tankard

Some great reissues

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