Saints of sin – Welcome to the circus

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Saints of sin

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On 31 October 2017
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A fantastic debut album - highly recommended.

Rock band Saints of sin come from Christchuch on England’s South coast. Formed in 2013, they’re now getting ready to release their debut album, and having heard it I can say it’s definitely well worth the wait. Too many bands release their first album before they’re in a position to afford to get it produced as well as it needs, but Saints of sin have done things right and made sure their debut album is as good as it possibly can be.

Saints of sin recently headlined the second stage at the HRH Sleaze festival, and I’m sure they’ll have gone down well there.

The album starts off with “The ballad of the big top” which isn’t actually a ballad, it’s an intro with circus themed music and a ringmaster voice. That leads straight in to “Welcome to the circus” which is the first real song on the album, and it’s one hell of a good way to get things going. It’s fantastic rock music with great vocals and like much of the album it’s really good catchy party music.

Check out the video for the first songle – “Wasted nights” and you’ll get a good idea what to expect from this album.

A fantastic debut album – highly recommended.

“Welcome to the circus”

Track listing:

1. The ballad of the big top
2. Welcome to the circus
3. Rocket
4. After dark
5. Wasted nights
6. One last time
7. Running
8. Turn it up
9. One more minute
10. Heroin
11. The devil you need
12. Going down
13. 21 shots


Saints of sin are:

Rui Brito – Lead Vocals
Marcus Sparxx Jenkins – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sophie Burrell – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ashley Jenkins – Bass, Backing Vocals
Josh Rose – Drums, Backing Vocals

A fantastic debut album - highly recommended.

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