Mnemic – ‘Mnemesis’

Taking their name from the Greek work ‘mnemonic’, meaning ‘the art of development’, it’s not surprising that this Danish-based international quintet should show off their etymological skills with the play on words that is the title of this, their latest full-length opus.  It’s just a pity that this is one of the highlights of this, quite frankly, disappointing release.

Variously described as thrash, progressive and industrial, such descriptives are the source of Mnemic’s problem – they can’t seem to make up their minds what they want to be:  crossing genres is all very well, and develops new music, but it has to show some form of consistency – and that is the quality which is seriously lacking on ‘Mnemesis’.

The musicianship is flawless – if somewhat hampered, in places, by a production just slightly less erratic than the variety of musical styles (the tom sound is a prime example of this, often pushed so high it almost drowns out the guitar) – and where they stick to one particular style, some of the songs are superbly crafted:  opener ‘Transcend’ is a fine example of industrial groove, while ‘Valves’ and ‘Junkies On The Storm’ are as good a slice of progressive metal as you’ll hear this year (even if Guillaume Bideau’s vocals stray a bit too far into Jared Leto territory).

But, the problem remains the inconsistency:  this is an album which tries to be all things to all people, but succeeds only in being a few to a few…


‘Mnemesis’ is out now on Nuclear Blast.

Track list
01. Transcend
02. Valves
03. Junkies On The Storm
04. I’ve Been You
05. Pattern Platform
06. Mnemesis
07. There’s No Tomorrow
08. Haven At The End Of The World
09. Ocean Of Void
10. Blue Desert In A Black Hole

Bonus Track:
11. Empty Planet

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