Miss lava – Red supergiant

miss lava - red supergiantLisbon based rock band Miss Lava released their debut EP in 2008 and their debut album (Blues for the dangerous miles) in 2009.  Since then they have toured extensively within Portugal and further afield including tours of the UK and the US.  Now they have released their second album – Red Supergiant.

There’s a ’70’s hard rock feel to it as well as a stoner groove.  It’s got good solid guitars and the vocals are pretty good too.  For me the biggest weakness of the album is the lack of variety – the song’s all sound to similar to each other and as a result fail to stick in the mind.  Listening to one or two songs is great, but listening to an entire album gets slightly monotonous.

For me the best tracks are “Desert mind” and “Lay down”, the first two songs on the album.  That’s not to say the other songs aren’t good – they’re all good solid songs, but I think it’s the fact that after the first couple of tracks you start to notice the lack of variation.  All the songs have pretty much the same pace, and sound far too similar.  With more variation between songs this would have been a great album, but the lack or it means the album suffers.

Rating: 6/10

Red Supergiant is out now.

Track listing:

1. Desert mind
2. Lay down
3. Feel my grace
4. Ride
5. Crawl
6. Hole to China
7. Catch the fire
8. Murder of crows
9. Hotel Neon
10. Yesterday’s gone
11. Red supergiant

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