My own chaos – My own chaos

my own chaos - my own chaosMy own chaos are a Canadian metal band from Vancouver.  The band was formed in 2008, and this is their debut album.  The album is a concept album.  Vocalist Connis Chaos talking about the album says “The album was written about my divorce and the emotional rollercoaster that goes along with it.  At times I was questioning my sanity and doing all that I could to hold everything together.  I really dove deep into my emotions and let all the issues out. This album is my therapy”

Musically it varies between metal and thrash. Vocally you get clean singing as well as some growling.  While a sizeable number of metal fans seem to dislike most female vocals, I think they might find the vocals of Connie Chaos to be something they like – these aren’t high pitched operatic style vocals – these are proper metal vocals and aren’t as high pitched as some male singers.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks..

Opening track “Because of me” gets the album off to a great start with it’s crushingly heavy opening riffs which lead into some really fast paced metal.  It’s a good heavy song with some lovely intricate guitar work thrown in, and Connie’s vocals sound great.

Another great track is “Gatekeeper” which contains both clean singing and growling vocals which work really well together here.

For me the weakest track by far is the last one – the cover of the No Doubt song “Hella good”.  It just doesn’t work very well and feels totally out of place – I’d much rather they’d replaced it with another of their own songs.

This is a mixed album – there are some great songs here, but there are others that are good but which could be better.  It’s definitely a good debut album and I look forward to hearing more from My Own Chaos in the future.

Rating 7/10

“My own chaos” is out now.

Track listing:

1. Because of me
2. Blame
3. Drain me
4. Systematic torture
5. Instinct to exist
6. My own chaos
7. Losing my mind
8. Survival of my sanity
9. Gatekeeper
10. Hella good

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