Firstborn – Define our generation

firstborn - define our generationSwedish band Firstborn were only formed in January 2012, but within a couple of short months they were already starting to record their debut album, which saw the light in October 2012 – just ten month since the band formed which is pretty fast work.  The band are inspired by bands including Enter Shikari, Linkin Park and System of a down.  The band tour heavily and intend to tour Europe this year as well as writing their second album.

Musically it’s Alternative rock/metal.  There are some quite catchy songs, there’s plenty of good guitar work, and the vocals vary from clean singing, to clean singing with distortion to a more screaming style.  Really it’s a very typical 90s metal sound vocally.  I have to be honest – while some people will really like the vocals, they just don’t appeal to me particularly.

It’s a good debut album and I’m sure the band will get better with time, so the second album when that comes out is likely to be well worth listening to.

“Define our generation” is out now.

Rating: 6/10

Track listing:

1. Is this what you wanted
2. Bullshit mentality
3. Birth
4. Save yourself now
5. Seminar
6. Suffocation
7. Static fix
8. My view
9. Expired
10. Perfectly fine
11. Can you hear the sound
12. Take the world

Firstborn are:

Marcus Carlzon – Vocals and guitar
Joachim Ragnarsson – Guitar
Max Ponten – Bass
Aron Bergstrom – Drums

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