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Mike Ross

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On 29 May 2021
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A rootin tootin hairy hoedown saddles up!

The Clovis Limit (Tennessee Transition) recently released on Taller Records sees Mike Ross a very busy man as his last release The Clovis Limit Pt.2 saw the light of day in October 2020. This latest album is acoustic, just one man and his guitar delivering four songs from The Clovis Limit Pt.1, four from Pt. 2, a reworking of an old song ‘Fixing To Die’ and three covers of blues classics.

Latest single ‘Driftwood’ opens up proceedings that’s as raw as you could possibly get. His strings sing and chime with a trebly charm and his slide work throughout is a thing of beauty. His personal vocals are delivered with a laid back howl.

‘Grow In Your Garden’ is a bona fide heartbreaker. Guitar lines are a thing of beauty, topped off by a Dylanesque drawled vocal.

‘Young Man’ is as powerful than the electric version as Mike belts out the lyrics with caustic angst. It’s an in your face number that demands your unwavering attention. A fierce strum throughout keeps the anger levels high.

‘Blow Away’ is a fiery, short but sweet jig which strangely sounds like Johnny Cash singing ‘I’m the king of the swingers’.

‘None Of Your Business’ is a real rager. Earworm guitar lines grab you from the off as it heads off into a shimmering shuffle as Mike punches out the put up or shut up lyrics.

‘Don’t Say A Word’ is finger pickin good as the funky vibe enchants with a shit kicking smile on its face that tells a gritty tale of love lost.

Mike slips and slides away through ‘The Only Place You Take Me Is Down’ as this short sharp song gets straight to the point for an acidic tirade.

‘Leviathan’ is an apt title for this monster of a song that rattles, hums and shakes its tail feathers.

‘Shake Em On Down’ is a quirky quintessential heart worn on sleeve bluesy bluster.

‘Screamin And Hollerin The Blues’ strides along on route march like speedy guitar lines as Mikes vocals do this cover songs title justice.

‘Fixing To Die’ is a tour de force as notes fly off the fretboard like angry hornets. Totally mesmerising!

My album highlight comes from the cover of ‘Statesborough Blues’. It’s the most intense track here and is a totally captivating rendition to say the least as its belted out with lung busting vigour.

This stunning album close with ‘Young Man (Paris Transition)’. It’s a more laid back take but still packs a hefty emotional punch.

Album purchase and band links can be found here :- http://www.mikerossmusic.co.uk/ ….. https://www.facebook.com/themikerossband ….. http://twitter.com/spindriftmike ….. http://www.youtube.com/c/mikerossmusicuk ….. https://bit.ly/3c27bnj

Mike Ross – The Clovis Limit (Tennessee Transition) album track listing :-


Grow In Your Garden.

Young Man.

Blow Away.

None Of Your Business.

Don’t Say A Word.

The Only Place You Ever Take Me Is Down.


Shake Em On Down (Bukka White cover).

Screamin And Hollerin The Blues (Charlie Patton cover).

Bonus tracks only available on CD format :-

Fixing To Die.

Statesborough Blues (Blind Willie McTell cover).

Young Man (Paris Transition).

A rootin tootin hairy hoedown saddles up!

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