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Black Coast

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On 30 May 2021
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Ache puts the bomb in bombastic!

Losing the speed of their last two singles but definitely not any of the power, Stoke speaker blowing noisemongers Black Coast have released their latest tune ‘Ache’ on Feb 28th 2021 making it not just a normal Good Friday but a GOOD F**KING FRIDAY!

They manage to make you lose your mind in just under four minutes with a nu metal vibe but nowhere near as dull as most of that genre. It’s a raise your fist or middle finger in the air anthem in the making and a bona fide wall of death opener. Weirdly the main riff reminded me of a gritty ‘Kashmir’ and vocally crossed with the pleading angst of vintage Alice In Chains as lead vocalist Charlie not only looks like the sorely missed Layne Staley, he also captures his tortured howls.

The whole song is wrapped up in a tortuous grind pinned down by the bass guitar gut wrenching grooves of Jack Beardsall and the staccato rhythms in the midsection are not of this World. ‘Ache’ is available on all major streaming platforms. Definitely an ache worth having!

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Black Coast band line up :-

Charlie Hewitt – Lead Vocals.

Joe Mayer – Guitar.

Scott Pinnington – Guitar.

Jack Beardsall – Bass Guitar.

Matty Clarke – Drums.

Ache puts the bomb in bombastic!

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