Master – The Witchhunt

master - the witchhunt - album cover

Master, the former Chicago – now Czech band, are alive and well!

These guys rose through the same ranks that acts like Slayer and Metallica did.

With The Witchhunt, they play through some of the most bludgeoning riffs of their career.

A variety of moods and tempos offer something to nearly every listener.

Tunes like “The Parable” bear an eerie resemblance to earlier Death (including some Schuldiner-esque vocal stylings).

The riff factory guitar, bass, and drums blast out an aggressive, hateful metal attack.

This high quality amalgamation of thrash, death, and doom enmeshes the listener with it’s intense, relentless drive.


Track Listing:
The Witchhunt
Plans Of Hate
Another Suicide
Waiting To Die
The Parable
God Of Thunder
Remove The Clowns
Raise Your Sword
Wipe Out The Aggressor
Manipulated To Exterminate
The American Dream

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