Otargos – Apex Terror

otargos - apex terror - album cover

Otargos are a French black metal band, and their latest offering, Apex Terror, contains 9 tracks of intense and well-produced extremity.

Aggressive, clear, fast, bleak, and highly negative, it’s vaguely reminiscent of fellow Frenchmen Antaeus.

“For Terra” slows down enough to really groove; “Remnant From A Long-Dead Star” continues that bent with a doomier, more atmospheric introduction.

Unintelligible lyrics are sung in three different pitches.

They’ve got some genuine power, reasonably good songwriting, and technical playing skill behind them.

If you’re listening for non-theistic metal that freely rewrites the boundary between death & black, this band might really suit you.


Track Listing:
Apex Terror
For Terra
Remnant From A Long-Dead Star
Aftermath Hyperion

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