Incantation – Mortal Throne of Nazarene

incantation - mortal throne coverPennsylvania’s Incantation channel quintessential classic mid-90s deathmetal / grindcore with this reissue of 1994’s Mortal Throne of Nazarene.

This band is one of the forerunners of what became brutal deathmetal.

John McEntee and crew perfected the doom-to-blast atmospheric mood, alternating slow segments with ‘breakneck pace’ grindcore blastbeat licks.

In eight songs, there’s lots of frantic trem picking, but zero flash – just a dark intensity.

Vocals are quite low pitched and incomprehensible, being used more as a texture or effect.

This record is far superior to any of the Johnny-Come-Lately beginner bands half-assing their way through what should be enjoyably disturbing music.


Track Listing:
Demonic Incarnate
Emaciated Holy Figure
Iconoclasm of Catholicism
Essence Ablaze
Nocturnal Dominium
The Ibex Moon
Blissful Bloodshower
Abolishment of Immaculate Serenity

Band Lineup (on this album):
Craig Pillard – Guitar/Vocals
John McEntee – Guitars, Mixing
Jim Roe – Session Drums
Dan Kamp – Bass

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