Maryann Cotton – Free Falling Angels (cd)

Combining former members of King Diamond’s band with a young singer was always going to attract attention, more so if that singer was the son of none other than established and widely respected basset Hal Patino famed for his work with King Diamond and Pretty Maids, and had featured highly on “Scenen Er Din” program (a Danish variation of The Voice/Britain’s Got Talent etc).


When listening to the album you can’t help but notice the similarities between this band and the legendary Alice Cooper or the Ziggy Stardust era of David Bowie.


“Free Falling Angels” is musically great combining classic, almost theatrical glam rock sounds, catchy lyrics, and structured songs.

For a debut album the quality is simply shocking and is light years ahead of what you would expect.


From start to finish there is not a fault with the album and is one of the surprise finds of the year.


When Alice Cooper released “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” last year “Free Falling Angels” is what it should have sounded like.
Highlight of the cd: “Never”Waste”Land”.
Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. Heaven send for me;
2. Never”Waste” Land;
3. Crazy;
4. Get it On;
5. Free Falling Angels;
6. Night Train to Paris;
7. Die inBritain;
8. Miss Misery;
9. Shock Me;
10. The One;
11. “Maryann”;



Vocals – Maryann Cotton;
Bass – Hal Patino;
Guitars – Pete Blakk;
Guitars – Sebastian Sly;
Drums – Snowy Shaw;




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