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On 4 October 2014
Last modified:6 October 2014


Avant-Garde progressive beauty from Norwegian veterans.

manimalism_-_cover haulixWhat is post black metal really mean? It is a tag that provides a convenient and lazy description for music which deserves much more analysis and respect. This is what has been said about this band, it is far from the reality. As far as taking your time to put out a debut record, Manimalism must win the prize, 22 years since formation with tracks being composed in the 90s, recorded over a 10 year period now finally committed to physical format.  From the opening bars of “Demons in Tuxedos” one band that springs to mind is Beyond Dawn who were first introduced via the 90s cheap compilations and to this day still remain a well kept secret. The chord sequences are abstract with the influences of the likes of King Crimson “Red” period falling out of the consistent changes. Multiple vocal lines criss cross each other and on initial investigation sounds random and very disconnected. It is after multiple listens that the beauty of the music starts to shine through, the melodies, the progressive time changes, the subtle keyboard pads. This really is a work of patience and goes someway to explain the delay in release. The timing feels right, if released at the time of its creation it would have been ignored as it was Norwegian and wasn’t black metal. It is a band that the old school will now appreciate, it is the progression point that the likes of Enslaved have now reached only these guys had it in the bag years earlier. The songtitles alone are enough to make it worthwhile investigating this release, “The Dandified and Devilish” and “Carnal Catering Service” to name two. The production is understated and each instrument is clear and concise and all the subtleties of the instrumentation is easy to hear and eventually get to grips with how it all fits together. If something a bit left-field, awkward and avant-garde is your chosen poison pick this up. Listen carefully and listen several times before approaching an opinion, it will provide a rewarding listening experience that will stand the test of time.

Band Members

Kim Sølve


01 – Demons In Tuxedos
02 – Carnal Catering Service
03 – The Gentleman Is In The Details
04 – Romance
05 – The Dandified And The Devilish
06 – The Crooner
07 – The Cocktail Party To End Them All


Avant-Garde progressive beauty from Norwegian veterans.

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