Maledia “Your Angels Cry” cd.


The band can trace it’s roots way back to 2000 but it wasn’t until 2010 that a debut surfaced in the shape of “She And Her Darkness”. Hailing from Italy, the Female Fronted Gothic Metal band have now followed that up with an excellent second album, which sees it’s release through Ravenheart music, a label with a growing reputation for showcasing some really good Female Fronted bands.
The album itself is placed squarely in the Gothic camp but with enough variety to be able to appeal to a wider audience, the vocals of Luana ‘Loo’ Imperatore are particularly impressive, belting out wine glass shattering operatics with ease.
Opening track “By The Light Of The Moon” sets the tone nicely, building to a majestic crescendo, whilst following track “’Till Death Doth Us Unite” has a slightly more commercial feel, aided by some male vocal. The wonderfully Gothic “Fireflies” follows, with it’s dark overtones. The title track is a piano laden epic which is just mind blowingly good, “Hellrain” slows the pace briefly with it’s haunting intro before we’re treated to the immense “Obscura” which features the Black Metal vocals of Agonia Blackvomit (I kid you not) which provide a stark contrast to Luana’s voice. The album closes with “Venom Heart”, another soaring epic.
A mere seven songs may not sound much but the album weighs in at around 40 minutes, and as they say is all killer, no filler. In short, a fantastic album which will appeal to all fans of the female vocal and many others besides.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing.
1. By The Light Of The Moon.
2. ’Till Death Doth Us Unite.
3. Fireflies.
4. Your Angels Cry.
5. Hellrain.
6. Obscura.
7. Venom Heart.


Maledia are;
Luana ’Loo’ Imperatore – Vocals.
Daniele ’Thunder’ Pagnotta – Guitar.
Marco ’Bleidan’ Righi – Keyboards.
Manuel ’Maleun’ Romeo – Bass.
Mauro ’Mechanix’ Antonelli – Drums.

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