TATIANA’S NIOVI – Breath Of Light.

NIOVI Code7Epic display of Symphonic Metal interwoven with Celtic passages that is a joy to behold.



Tatiana Manolidou can not be described as a newcomer to the music scene, her family background is strongly in that field, she herself has studied piano, vocal and theory of music and also composed pieces for Greek television and theatre.
The sound falls somewhat in the Symphonic Metal camp but also demonstrates a rich tapestry of other influences including Celtic and ethnic that combine to make this album a truly enjoyable experience.
Tatiana’s voice is much more emotionally fueled than one that is driven by power and aggression, drawing on the ethereal qualities of the soul for guidance and inspiration. In truth, this is an offering that can quite easily please and appeal to fans of Metal, Easy Listening and Folk alike, which, for that reason alone should be applauded.
Listening to tracks such as ’Mana (mother)’ the listener is transported on an Enyaesque journey of soulful and healing beauty, a feeling continued on the more powerful ’My Lonely Prince’, both are simply glorious pieces of uplifting and magical music.
On a personal note, I’ve always considered myself blessed in the fact that I can appreciate a wide range of musical tastes and genres and not be boxed in or blinkered by the fashions or statements of others. Listening to this album serves only to reaffirm my feelings, for this is an album that whilst, yes, has Metal elements, to simply restrain and constrict it to a single genre would, in my view, do it an extreme disservice. After all, good music is simply that and this is certainly good.
As a whole, the album is exceptionally well balanced in terms of both mood and composition, demonstrating a very high level of talent and performance that really is admirable. ’Breath Of Life’,  is another inspirational and moving track, ’Your Love’, one of those songs to close your eyes and drift away to, whilst my own album favourite, ’Island Of Gods’ is nothing short of stunning, a piece stripped down to just piano and vocal but realising so much feeling and emotion because of that, that it can not fail but to stir and revive your innermost senses.
Listening to this album has been an intense and magical voyage through a wide range of emotions, whether the Metal scene will embrace it remains to be proven but in some ways that is immaterial, such is the quality contained in this album that confining it to one group of music lovers would, ultimately be of no use to anyone. Embrace it as a piece of stunningly beautiful music and enjoy it for what it truly is and you will be much the richer for it.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Breath Of Life.
2. When I’m Lost.
3. Oh Love.
4. Tree Of My Dreams.
5. Mana (mother).
6. Testament Of Soul.
7. My Lonely Prince.
8. Ring Of Darkness.
9. When We Dance.
10. A Prayer.
11. Your Love.
12. Island Of Gods.
13. Kyrie.
14. Epilogue- The Shadow In The Sea.

Tatiana band big

Tatiana’s Niovi are;

Tatiana Manolidou – Vocals and Piano.
George Tsokanis – Synths.
Periklis – Guitars.
Dimitris Stassinos – Bass (studio).
Kostas Dianakakis – Bass (live).
Alexis Kostas – Drums and Percussion.

Released via Ravenheart music.




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT9etVHhHPU&w=560&h=315]

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