YOTANGOR – ‘We Speak’

Formed in France around 2008 by guitarist/composer Jean-Guy Pichoustre and vocalist Yngrid Allieres, the band have 2009’s debut album ‘King Of The Universe’ already firmly tucked under their leather belts. The debut was in fact an extremely ambitious undertaking, a 26 track double concept album no less, a project that would have scared many a mere mortal away from the studio but not these guys.
Whilst latest offering ‘We Speak’ may not match its predecessor in terms of grandiose conceptual extravagance it certainly carries on where the band left off in song writing, quality and performance.

Right from the off with opener ‘Anonymous’ the level is set, a beautifully haunting intro of Gothic majesty, with keyboards and female choral work before launching into a superb guitar riff interwoven with Yngrids infectious pop rock tinged vocal. Believe me, this girl can rock! A voice that in places reminds me of early Lunatica in style , and strangely, Cyndi Lauper!

Throughout the album Jean-Guy’s guitar work is simply faultless, arena rock solos a plenty that Brian May would be proud of. An album that is surprisingly and refreshingly varied and different in its content, tracks such as the out and out pop rock song ‘Hold Me Tight’ could, and perhaps should storm the radio charts.
Whilst the Symphonic Gothic brilliance of ‘Save Me’ with it’s spoken word section courtesy of Daniel Antoine is nothing short of jaw dropping. ‘Come And Fly’, with it’s dreamy, trippy keyboard intro before moving into a pop masterpiece that Liv Kristine would happily have in her catalogue. The list goes on, a superb mix of thought provoking subject matter and lyrics as showcased on ’Racism’ and ’Enslaved’, complimented by hooks and melodies that I’m still trying to get to grips with as they really are that good. The essentially instrumental ’We Speak For The Voiceless’ ,again, has the power to move the listener emotionally, a track where you could quite easily close your eyes and float away on a wave of feeling.
‘I Keep Running’, with it’s ’Cloudbusting’ style intro, another classic in the making if ever there was.
Album closer ‘Love Is Passion’ perhaps encapsulates the bands ethos and outlook best, a truly stunning piece of music that had the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention, damn, I can’t get over how good this band are.
Simply put, this is one of the best Female Fronted Metal albums I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. If this is the standard of things to come from Yotangor than stardom beckons.


Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;

1. Anonymous.
2. Hold Me Tight.
3. Save Me.
4. Racism.
5. Come And Fly.
6. Enslaved.
7. We Speak For The Voiceless.
8. Eyes On.
9. No Mans Land.
10. Kings Of The Day.
11. Thanks.
12. I Keep Running.
13. Love Is Passion.

Yotangor are;
Yngrid Allieres. – Vocals.
Jean-Guy Pichoustre – Guitars/ Composer.
Vincent Agar – Guitar.
Damien Castex – Keyboards.
Patrice Hernandez – Bass Guitar.
Tony Marcos – Drums.

Released via Brennus Music and Ravenheart Music.





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