M.A.I.R – Ear Ape Age ep.

ep cover M.A.I.R was formed in Glasgow, August 2010. Their 1st ep followed a year later and since then one line up change with bassist Miranda Bradshaw being added brings us to the present day and the current release of 2nd ep Ear Ape Age. Available on digital download via iTunes it consists of 5 raging metal numbers to forge their growingreputation of  incendiary live performances.

Ear Rape Age begins with Harder, an apt title as a Slayer like churning riff rolls over a Kyuss groove with vocalist Del Wilson sounding uncannily like John Garcia on this track. A mugging heavy breakdown at the 2 minute mark and short, sharp guitar solo  precede the  main riff ending the song. Play It Again has a fuzzed up Down vibe as it lumbers into a speed metal mid section as the song grinds to a halt.

R.I.P could be an extra track on Cowboys From Hell by Pantera with its catchy but hammer blow riffs competing with the guttural vocals. Man On Fire coarses along on early Soundgarden rhythms with an eerie double tracked vocal. Closing track Paralyzed has a guitar riff that could crush all in its path making way for a wailing solo as a drum lead doom finish brings the ep to a crushing close.  All in all a very impressive taster for a full length album!


M.A.I.R  band line up :-

Del Wilson – Vocals.                                                                                                                                                                        ep cover 2

Davy Wilson – Rhythm guitar.

Andrew McGlone – Lead guitar.

Den Bonura – Drums.

Miranda Bradshaw – Bass guitar.


Ear Ape Age track listing :-


Play It Again.


Man On Fire.


I award Ear Ape Age 9/10.

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