Visions of Atlantis – Ethera

visions of atlantis - ethera‘Ethera’ is the fifth  album from Austrian symphonic metal band Visions of Atlantis.  I say Austrian, but like many bands they are international really – singer Maxi Nil for example is Greek.  Although this is their fifth album, it’s only the second with singer Maxi Nil, who joined the band in 2009.  Maxi Nil appeared on the bands fourth album, ‘Delta’in 2011 and also their EP ‘Maria Magdalena’ wlso released in 2011.  This new album, ‘Ethera’ was originally planned for release in 2012 but decided they weren’t happy with certain aspects of it, so decided to delay the release till they had re-recorded the bits they wanted to improve, and the album was at the standard they demanded.

Brief comments on a few tracks

After a gentle introduction with the music accompanied by the sound of the wind blowing, opening track ‘The Ark’ kicks off with some male vocals before Maxi Nil joins in with her vocals.  It’s a very good start to the album.

The next track, ‘Machinage’ is one of my favourites on the album – a strong chorus helps make it stand out.  A really strong track.

‘Cave behind the waterfall’ is a gentle song with Maxi’s vocals sounding beautiful, and with the music kept quite soft – an excellent track.

‘Ethera’ is a superb album, and sounds even better live.  Visions of Atlantis will be back in the UK in May to play the Dames of Darkness festival with Delain and a full day of other great bands, and I definitely recommend you go along and check them out.

Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. The ark
2. Machinage
3. Avatara
4. Vicious circle
5. Hypnotized
6. Tlaloc’s grace
7. Burden of divinity
8. Cave behind the waterfall
9. A.E.O.N. 19th
10. Bestiality vs Integrity
11. Cleric’s emotion
12. Tlaloc’s grace- orchestral version (Bonus track on Digi-pack)

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