Lost Society – Fast Loud Death

Lost Society - Fast Loud Death - Artwork“Our debut album will be an old-school thrash oriented one that’ll surely leave a lasting impression”. Bold, impetuous, some may even say foolhardy, immodest, cocky, precocious… these are words that spring to mind when you read that statement above from Lost Society’s frontman Samy Elbanna when they penned a deal with Nuclear Blast in October of 2012. If you talk the talk, you gotta be able to walk the walk and with Lost Society’s debut album Fast Loud Death it’s credit to them all that BY GOD they most definitely do deliver and by the bucketload.

It’s hard to believe that all four of these boys are still in their late teens but given the nature of the album it’s perhaps a perfect age to have produced something like this. To be honest, these lads have quite possibly time travelled from the past when Bay Area Thrash was tearing up the metal scene. They bring to mind everything that was and is still so batshit crazy loveable about this genre of metal.

But where to start with this one? Pick any of their songs and you can feel and hear the hugely influencial notes of the big hitters of the US. But these guys ain’t no poor man’s cookie cutter thrash homage. Hell no, you can take the likes of intro track N.W.L with its head on clash of Megadeth and Anthrax vibes, or follow on Trash All Over You that then pulls you towards Testament and Overkill before they spin you into punkish aggression throughout E.A.G – these lads seem to be able to pull thrashingly coherent tracks at the drop of a hat!

It’s thrash done the way thrash should be and an absolutely joy to listen to and also behold the musicianship on display. There’s some incredibly speedy fret work and kit work on display from them all here. There’s also some brilliant moments where they shift away from the pure thrash; like the funky assed solo and guitar work on Bitch, Out’ My Way or the grooves of Diary of a Thrashman. There’s not one track on this album that doesn’t have moments that you KNOW would generate one heaving, seething mass of pitting and stage diving. Braindead Metalhead and closing track Fatal Anoxia in particular scream out at you “PIT ANTHEM”, so perfect are they in their thrash approach.

But you know the only bad thing about this album? It’s a damn shame that the bloody thing is only 36 minutes long. I want MORE lads, you hear me? MORE of this super-frenzied thrash shit cos it’s the dugs baws as we say here in Scotland. Leave a lasting impressions you say? Samy, I take my hat off to ya mate. You lads have balls of fucking steel. Not only do you talk the talk, you can most definitely walk the walk.

Fast Loud Death is released on 18 March 2013 via Nuclear Blast

Rating: 10/10

Track Listing:
1. N.W.L
2. Trash All Over You
3. E.A.G
4. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
5. Bitch, Out’ My Way
6. Fast Loud Death
7. Lead Through The Head
8. Diary Of A Thrashman
9. Toxic Avenger
10. This Is Me
11. Braindead Metalhead
12. Piss Out My Ass
13. Fatal Anoxia

Samy Elbanna – Vocals/Guitar
Arttu Lesonen – Guitar
Mirko Lehtinen – Bass
Ossi Paananen – Drums



Lost Society Band


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