Lordi – The Classic Grand, Glasgow – 27/03/2015

Friday night and Finnish monsters Lordi are in town. There were several reasons to go to this gig. One of them – curiosity. I admit, that was my reason, too. Who else if not them will definitely promise the hell of the show and pleasure for your eyes, in combination with proper energetic hard rock. To make this UK ‘Scare Force One’ tour more fun, those guys took Dirty Passion and Hollywood Groupies with them. So here they rocked The Classic Grand!

Hollywood Groupies

Hollywood Groupies appeared the first on the big Classic Grand stage – I popped in right in the middle of their show. Loads of energy and drive with the girls behind the wheel – that’s how Hollywood Groupies were for the very first impression. People were slowly gathering in the club and seemed rather passive – but that’s the faith of the first band. After approximately half an hour rockin’ show Italian hard rock girls and lads were off the stage, leaving it for the next band.

The next and the last band to support Lordi, was Dirty Passion. Four Swedes on the stage, rocking and rolling with already bigger audience in the front. Lads appeared to very talkative, especially the bass guitar player Nasty. He introduced fans with their brand new track called ‘Bitch’ – very energetic and very emotional song for guys who have been dumped by a busty blondie. The song was accepted by fans with the same energy as received and guys rolled further. Half an hour simply flew away. Dirty Passion had quite an energetic hard rock setlist with the exception for the song ‘Addicted’ which was played with the acoustic guitar – “To make girls take of their knickers and come to the bus.” – Nasty kept making jokes. – “Bus is parked over there, by the way!” As for their first time in Scotland, guys made it great and people obviously were more and more active and responding – ready for the main act. After long goodbyes with fans singing along, quick solos for every band member the show was over. Audience – freshly baked and ready for the Lordi.

Here they were: proper long intro with the flight attendant lady in the front and monsters sneaking out onto the stage one by one. What do you get when mix up theatre and heavy metal? The answer is one – Lordi. Massive amount of masks, props, decorations, confetti, stories and rocking music to accompany it all. Or maybe opposite. When the show reached its peak, club was packed and all bouncing to the rhythm – people definitely knew what did they come for.


Lordi had prepared quite a wicked setlist, including high variety of new and older songs, as well as famous Eurovision track “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and the special song, which is not on any full-lenght album – “Don’t Let My Mother Know”. Drummer, guitarist and bass guitar player – all of them had their own time of fame for the solos with special effects, for example drummer started his solo with the flying skull trick and continued playing with the neon drum sticks, guitarist – with the flame of the fake fire in Egyptian inspired style. The vocalist Mr. Lordi had most of the time and attention for himself – killing zombies, changing masks, throwing confetti or simply shooting with his massive gun – the list doesn’t stop here. Not to mention the occasional extras: zombies, monsters and clowns randomly running to the stage to accompany the song and make a wee mess around with everybody – all this stuff made the show very lively and vivid. Band came back for the encore of three songs for the faithful fans and finished they cracking show just about ten o’clock – early Friday night, perfect for the afterparty. There is one thing for sure about this gig – it totally rocked Glasgow!

Lordi setlist:
Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein
This Is Heavy Metal
Hard Rock Hallelujah
Hell Sent in the Clowns
Blood Red Sandman
Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
Don’t Let My Mother Know
How to Slice a Whore
It Snows in Hell
The Riff
Sincerely With Love
Amen’s Lament to Ra II
Not the Nicest Guy
Devil Is a Loser

Scare Force One
Who’s Your Daddy?
Would You Love a Monsterman?


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