Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere

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Acid King

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On 4 April 2015
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Another triumphant stoner rock pummeling from it's leading lady!

Acid King have been about since 1993 but have quite a sparse catalogue. This being only their 4th Full Length in all these years. Led by the formidable Lori S the band has been through quite a few bass players including Guy Pinhas of Goatsnake and The Obsessed fame amongst others with the rest of the lineup remaining fairly static. Acid King play slow heavy riffs which are dominated by Lori’s reverb driven vocals which have an angelic quality while being sinister at the same time. The album kicks into gear after the intro with “Silent Pictures”, a brooding sombre guitar line being supported by the sheer weight of the drums and floor of bass. The drum patterns are hypnotic throughout supported by a lulling bass, the songs are long and drawn out – nothing really goes anywhere but sloshes around familiar riffs and never gets boring. Acid King write quintessential stoner rock, they stick to the formula and deliver what is expected. The guitar tone is thick and fuzzed out, the bass sits comfortably below it, high frequencies just do not come into the equation. Was it worth the wait? I say yes it was and hope that we do not have to wait as long until the next one is delivered. Acid King really come into their own in the live arena, that is where they do the most damage – if you get the chance get out there and get pulverised.

Band Members
Lori S. – Guitar & Vocals
Joey Osbourne – Drums
Mark Lamb – Bass
GD30OB2-N_AcidKing_ZY-layout - 5x5
1. Intro
2. Silent Pictures
3. Coming Down from Outer Space
4. Laser Headlights
5. Red River
6. Infinite Skies
7. Center of Everywhere
8. Outro

Another triumphant stoner rock pummeling from it's leading lady!

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