Lord Volture – Never Cry Wolf.

From the riff that heralds the opening of the title track to the breakneck ending of closer The Wolf At Your Door,Lord Volture have created a heavy metal monster of an album.Released on Nov.11th, Never Cry Wolf contains 11 epic tracks.
Epic is the only way to describe it as 8 of the songs are between 6 and 8 minutes long,giving the band the opportunity to show off their instrumental and vocal talents.The lead vocalist is David Marcelis,founder member of Lord Volture and what a voice he has.His range brings to mind Marc Storace and Blaze Bayley and reigns supreme over the heavy metal onslaught on the album.There is no let up in pace apart from the big power ballad “Brother”.Maybe it was wrote for his brother Paul who provides the acoustic guitars on the song.The lyrics seem very personal so maybe it is.The longer songs on the album are the highlights for me.”Never Cry Wolf” is a mid paced chugger with banshee screams and powerhouse drumming.”Taiga” has a 2 minute intro of crushing riffs and guitar solos.It then kicks in with an awesome delivery by David.Another vocal tour de force is featured on 4th track “Celestial Bodies Fall”.”Necro Nation” is a pedal-to-the-metal thrasher with a 3 minute guitar maelstrom in the centre.The best is saved to last,the Maidenesque “The Wolf At Your Door”.
So there you have it,just over an hour of METAL,so metal it needs putting in capital letters!Lord Volture was formed by David Marcelis in the Netherlands and their 1st album “Beast Of Thunder” was released in 2010.Lord Volture are made up of:-                                                                                                                                                                 
David Marcelis-Lead vocals/Backing vocals.
Paul Marcelis-Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic guitars/Backing vocals.
Leon Hermans-Lead/Rhythm/Backing vocals.
Simon Guerts-Bass/Backing vocals.
Frank Wintermans-Drums/Backing vocals.

Track listing for Never Cry Wolf:-
Never Cry Wolf.
Celestial Bodies Fall.
Korgon’s Descent.
Minutes To Madness.
Necro Nation.
I Am King.
Into The Lair Of The Lion.
The Wolf At Your Door.

Its that good i award it 10/10.

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