The Dirty Youth – Red light fix

It’s not long since young South Wales rockers The Dirty Youth released their debut single, Fight, and they’ve quickly followed it up with their debut album – Red light fix.

A quick look at the publicity photos will instantly conjure up comparisons with bands such as Paramore, but once you start listening to the album you’ll find there are some big differences.  Yes both bands have a young attractive female singer with brightly coloured hair, and both produce commercial sounding songs that will appeal to TV viewers and radio listeners, but The Dirty Youth have more of a punk feel to their music – that feel of agression and attitude.  For me that’s a bi difference as it gives the music much more of an edge and means that as well as appealing to fans of bands like Paramore and Avril Lavigne, they’re also going to appeal to fans of heavier bands too.

“Rise up” kicks the album off and straight away displays what the band is about – attitude, power and great vocals.

“Requiem of the drunk” is a great track – plenty of power from the guitars and a very catchy chorus “la la la la lets get drunk” which is likely to go down very well in a live setting as its easy to sing along to and represents the sentiments of many fans particularly at festivals.

“Fight” is the first single from the album (and probably won’t be the last).  Kicking off with a wall of sound from the guitars, this is another song with plenty of power and attitude.

“Ellen” opens with some pounding drums and an excellent guitar riff

Frankly the album is packed with songs that have plenty of power, great vocals and lots of attitude, all wrapped in a radio friendly sound.  In Danni Monroe the band have a great frontwoman and this is a band with a huge amount of potential.

This is a damn good album that’s been listened to a lot since I got it.  The dirty youth are definitely a band to watch out for – if they’re this good on their debut album, how good can they become?  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for tour dates as these songs soung like they’re going to be great played live at an earsplitting volume.

Track listing:

1. Rise up
2. The end
3. Requiem of the drunk
4. Fight
5. Final chapter
6. Ellen
7. Red light fix
8. Last confession
9. Promises
10. This is for you

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