Lilith and the knight – Insanity EP

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Lilith and the knight

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On 1 January 2017
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A great EP from Lilith and the knight - well worth a listen

Lilith and the Knight are a London based hard rock band.  Their Insanity EP was released a couple of months ago, so this review is a bit late, but it’s too good an EP to skip.  As befits the title, the video for the first song to be released – Insanity, was filmed in an abandoned asylum, giving the perfect setting for it – check it out below.

Singer Lilith has a powerful voice, particularly when she lets rip with the more screaming vocal parts.  The bass is quite prominent in the music which is nice – so often bands mix that right down so it plays little part in the music.  The guitar work is good and there’s a solid drum sound too, so what you end up with is nice and heavy but with all the instruments nice and clear, and not drowned out by each other or the vocals.

Vocals are incredibly subjective and can make or break a song.  I love the vocals on this EP – I liked them at first but they’ve grown on me as I’ve listened to the EP several times.  Definitely a band that fans of female vocals in hard rock or metal should check out.

Track listing:

1. Insanity
2. Formaldehyde
3. N.H.S – No Health Society
4. Matriarch


A great EP from Lilith and the knight - well worth a listen

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