Mohawk radio – Shoot from the hip

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Mohawk radio

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On 1 January 2017
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It's an excellent EP that should appeal to a wide range of rock fans.

Manchester band Mohawk Radio formed in July 2012.  Singer Mia Page had just moved to the UK from Bermuda, which caused difficulty with rehearsals in the early days due to her strong accent.  Her love of bands such as the Stone Roses and Oasis differed from the taste of drummer Dave Quinn and Guitarist James Gregory who preferred bands like Pantera and Guns’n’Roses.  The band released their debut EP (Halfway to heaven) in 2014, and that was a great release with good quality production and great songs.  Now though they’re following that with their new EP which really takes things up a notch.

Mia has a great voice and she’s at home on the softer ballad parts of “Ready to love” as she is on the heavier songs such as opening track “On your knees”.  There’s plenty of power from the guitar and rhythm section giving the music a nice powerful rock sound.  The opening track, “On your knees” really impressed me – when you’re listening to an EP from a small band you havent heard before then you’re never quite sure what to expect – it could be good or bad, and that first song is what makes your first impression.  This EP is so strong right from the start that it makes you want to listen to the rest of it (and turn the volume up too).

The production is excellent – crystal clear sound and mixed perfectly.  It sounds obvious but so many bands release EPs where the mixing and mastering was clearly done on a budget and you lose a lot of the impact that way – getting these details right makes a huge difference to the first impressions, so it’s always nice to see a small band getting it right.

It’s an excellent EP that should appeal to a wide range of rock fans.  This is a band that deserve to get a load of new fans as a result of this release – make sure you check them out

Shoot from the hip EP will be released in February 2017

Track listing:

1. On your knees
2. Eyes wide shut
3. Ready to love
4. Even
5. Deserve

It's an excellent EP that should appeal to a wide range of rock fans.

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