Lesbian Bed Death – Riot of the Living Dead CD review

Don’t let for one second the name Lesbian Bed Death put you off this band – making you think they are some brutal death metal/grindcore band who sings about ripping out a woman’s vagina and eating it, as you wouldn’t be more wrong. Hailing from Stoke, this gothic punk rock 5 piece are back with their 3rd full studio album entitled Riot of the Living Dead, which can only be described as their best release to date combining: Adrenaline fuelled, punk rock styled guitar riffs, aggressive yet melodic female vocals and pounding rhythm sections to form one of the catchiest, high energy rock releases of 2012. This is one hell of an album!

Released via pledge music – an online system that allows fans of the band to fund recording of an album, Riot of the Living Dead has been clearly recorded and mastered professionally, ensuring the fans money is not wasted. Tracks like the guitar driven pump of ‘Darkness Falls’, ‘Halloween’ (Which musically sounds a hell of a lot like Since You’ve Been Gone by Rainbow) and the monster of a tune that is ‘Rockabilly Bitch’ all benefit from having a clean cut production, and it’s this shining sound that makes the music sound as big and epic as it is.

Throughout Riot of the Living Dead, Lesbian Bed Death is clearly driven by a shredding guitar and dynamic drum tag team that keeps this album energetic and heavy.  Every track on this album bar two is fast paced, weighty and god damn ballsy, making this a perfect album to mosh put to in your home. Tracks like ‘Soul Sucker’, the pop punk sounding ‘Ghost Face’ and the insanely fast guitar tapping laden song ‘So Wasted’ are examples where a driving, raging rhythm section makes the rest of the band take off, adding an extra layer of awesomeness to their music.

There are 3 bonus tracks on the CD that are either demos or from Lesbian Bed Deaths previous albums. ‘Petty but Mental’, ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead’ are all brilliant, straight up punk anthems that will have you dancing about like a hyped up toddler on red bull. These tracks alone could have been made into an EP and sold separately, as these are some of the best tracks on the record, but it’s a nice little extra to have along with the main numbers on Riot of the Living Dead.

Riot of the Living Dead is bound to be on most people’s top 20 lists of 2012, and for those who have never heard of the weirdly named Lesbian Bed Death before, this is the perfect starter for them. Ten awesome tracks, five awesome musicians, one awesome band name… What could be better? [9/10]

1. Darkness Falls
2. Soul Sucker
3. Halloween
4. A Deadly Romance
5. Rockabilly Bitch
6. So Wasted
7. Seven Days
8. Ghost Face
9. Riot Of The Living Dead
10. Chains

Bonus Tracks
11. Pretty But Mental (Version 2)
12. Moonlight (Version 2)
13. Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead (Version

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