Lazarus Syndrome E.P Flatline.

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Lazarus Syndrome

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On 16 November 2011
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Surely one to set off circle pits anywhere.

flatlineHailing, and hailing very loudly from Liverpool, Lazarus Syndrome have composed  4 tracks of melodic brutality. The Flatline e.p is not available yet but is mixed and ready for release. Apparently a lazarus syndrome is an awakening from the dead. Well,judging by the quality of Flatline, the band are certainly alive and kicking!

1st track Forsaken explodes with an In Flames like crunching riff,a mid paced headbanger with a killer breakdown  midway through  the song. The vocals provided by Peter Ford are very interesting, switching from a bellow to a  croon which brought to mind Maynard James Keenan from Tool.

2nd track Devoured By Conflict is bolstered by excellent call and response vocals reminding me of vintage Raging Speedhorn over a rolling guitar riff with some excellent drum patterns from Dave Larkins.

3rd track A Path Less Travelled is the lightest track on the e.p but still heavy as the guitars switch from acoustic picking to huge, slablike riffing. This track shows off Peter’s vocal style to the full. Beginning with his clean singing, finishing the track with a mighty roar.

4th and final track Blameless Creator is a supercharged monster with barked vocals in sync with the staccato drums.Surely one to set off circle pits anywhere. So with this e.p already due for release, Lazarus Syndrome have got an ear for writing some killer material considering they only formed in March this year. The songs on the e.p were written within weeks of forming and finally mastered in early October. The band have been gigging, have received great reviews and will be playing next at the Sophie Lancaster Festival, Saturday 19th November in Ashton-Under-Lyme.

Band members: Peter Ford-Vocals. Jamie Hall-Guitars. Mike Hollows-Guitars. Dave Larkins-Drums. Tom Parker-Bass.

Flatline track listing:- Forsaken. Devoured By Conflict. A Path Less Travelled. Blameless Creator.

Surely one to set off circle pits anywhere.

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