Die So Fluid, The Classic Grand 9/11/11

On Wednesday night, The Classic Grand in Glasgow played host to Die So Fluid for the last show on their 4 day 2011 UK tour. This was a highly anticipated gig for local fans which was made that extra little bit special for the Glasgow crowd as throughout the tour Die So Fluid has been supported by local lads Attica Rage.

First up was local support group Lucky 38, who by the time I got to the venue had played most of their set so I only caught the last 2 songs. From what I heard of them, they were spectacular with their heavy riffs and great vocals from front woman Miss Lexx.

With the venue slowly filling up Next up, appearing back in the Classic Grand for the first time following their special one off ‘Road Dog’ album showcase concert in September was local lads Attica Rage.

As the lights dimmed the cheers rose from the crowd and a siren sound as the lads strolled on stage a few fans were left questioning “where was Big C?” but despite his absence the lads were helped out by local bassist Mark Marshall so the show continued, the crowd grew louder and they burst straight into “36 Insane” which is the opening track to their new album “Road Dog”.

Down the front heads were banging as the sound was once again superb at the Classic Grand. As the opening song came to an end guitarist Stevie Bell got straight into the harmonics and we knew it was time for “Altered Reality” which was closely followed “Contradictions” which to that front man Jonny Parr got the crowd pumping their fists in the air, which didn’t require much persuasion.

Once “Contradictions” finished Jonny spoke a bit about the tour saying, how much of a pleasure it has been supporting Die So Fluid and introduced us to temporary bassist Mark Marshall.

He then got the crowd going for “Ashamed” which went down a treat, To follow the lads played “Through the Inner Eye” which then came the announcement that they were about to play their last song of their set,  which all the fans knew only too well, the best had been kept till last it was time for “Back to the old School” which was welcomed with the whole crowd erupting into a roar, heads were banging harder than they had been all throughout their set, fists were still being thrown in the air and the crowd was singing along, what a superb end to the set for Attica Rage as they thanked the crowd and headed off to make way for the main attraction of the night, Die So Fluid.

Attica Rage Setlist

36 Insane

Altered Reality



Through the Inner Eye

Back to the Old School








By the time the stage was cleared and ready for Die So Fluid the venue was looking pretty packed, the crowd was at the peak of excitement ready for the main act of the night.

As drummer/Backing vocalist Al Fletcher and Guitarist Drew Richards got into position, female singer/bassist Grog bounced onto stage sporting a new blonde look.

The band headed straight into their packed setlist setting off with “Figurine” along with “How Vampires Kiss” and “Raven” close behind before having a little breather to have a little chat to the crowd about touring the past couple of days with Attica Rage.

They then set off into “Happy Halloween” with the sound being spectacular as it has been all night with everything being as clear as a bell. “Mercury” was up next with “Existential Baby” right behind it, the band were putting on a great show with Grog bouncing around stage and guitarist Drew busting out some melodic solo’s while the pounding beat from drummer Al people jumping down front, With “Existential Baby” coming to an end we had hit the midpoint in their set list which meant only 5 songs remaining so still plenty of time to enjoy.

The band then continued their energetic set with “Pigsy” which was a little more laid back with awesome vocals from Grog, by this time the crowd were right in the spirit, there was even a few people dancing about down the front. The band launched into “Draw a Line and Cross It” which had a catchy beat and a catchy rhythm which ensured mostly everyone was moving to the beat.

“Spawn of Dysfunction” was next on the bill which with its powerful guitar riffs and vocals had a lot of hair flying and people jumping. “Something to Say” added a bit of thrash into the set which went down well with the crowd, this was followed by the last song on the set list “Gang of One” which combined a heavy guitar riff which stopped for the verses and came back for the choruses which displayed how awesome the vocals are which towards the end became a little softer before picking back up into the last chorus.

When the song came to an end the crowd went crazy and shouted for an encore, which to the fans delight Die So Fluid came back on stage to launch into “Sound in Colour” which had a psychedelic feel to it created by the guitar, which picked up into a simple but effective riff for the chorus. The last song on the list was “Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending” the song started with a clean riff from guitar and a laid back rhythm on the bass backed up by soft vocals from grog. The song picked up for the chorus before slipping back into the soft clean verse, the song definitely had a lot of feeling put into it. So for the Glasgow crowd we certainly did get a happy ending.

All in all a great end to a great night and we look forward to seeing Die So Fluid back on Scottish soil sometime in the near future.

Speaking to Grog after the gig, when asked if they will be back anytime soon to Glasgow hopefully on a weekend, she replied “We’ll be back to tour the new album next year, possibly September, that’s how far in advance you need to book to get Fridays and Saturdays apparently!!”

Die So Fluid Setlist


How Vampires Kiss


Happy Halloween


Existential Baby


Draw a Line and Cross It

Spawn of Dysfunction

Something to Say

Gang of One


Sound In Colour

Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending


Review written by Scott English

Photos by Neil Henderson

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