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On 10 February 2018
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A fantastic album. It's great to see Die so fluid back from a break following the sad death of Al Fletcher

2016 was a year that saw the death of Die so fluid drummer Al Fletcher. After the death of their friend, the remaining members, Grog and Mr Drew stepped back to consider the future of the band. They eventually decided to make a new album. Before Al’s death a number of songs had been written but not recorded, but in the new circumstances they decided to go back to the drawing board and write new songs.
The individual parts of the album were recorded separately – by Mr Drew in London, Grog in Los Angeles and with Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) recording the drums Bologna, Italy.

One Bullet From Paradise contains 11 new songs and was produced by Mr Drew and mixed by Justin Bennett & Mr Drew. A limited edition version of the album includes a previously unavailable live album entitled ‘Draw a Line and Cross It – Live in Arizona’ recorded in Tempe Arizona featuring Grog, Mr Drew and Al.

This, their fifth album is even better than I’d hoped for. As a fan who has listened to Die so fluid for around seven years I knew it was almost certainly going to be very good – I’ve never been disappointed by a Die so fluid release yet, but this album was far better than I expected. Perhaps the loss of Al Fletcher pushed them to make the album the best they possibly could, but I’m sure the time they took off to reflect following his death played a large part in making the album sound the way it does.

Check out the video for “Bittersweet”, the first single to be released from the album.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is “Tomorrow doesn’t always come”, with it’s beautiful soft singing for the verses before Grog goes into rock mode for the chorus. With lyrics such as “Don’t say tomorrow; Tomorrow doesn’t always come”, it’s a reminder than we never know how long we have left to live so don’t put things off or you may never get to do them.

The live album is great. It could easily have been released as a stand-alone live album, so to get it as a bonus disc with the new album is great value for money. The band sound to have been in great form that night and it’s nice to hear the band including Al one last time.

“One Bullet From Paradise” will be released through Strataville on the 30th March 2018.

Die So Fluid will tour the UK later in 2018.

Track listing:

One bullet from paradise:

1. humanUNkind
2. Tomorrow doesn’t always come
3. Bittersweet
4. No more stars
5. Skeleton suit
6. We were born to kill each other
7. Manifest
8. Uncomplicated
9. One bullet from paradise
10. Farewell
11. It’s a terrible thing when your mind goes

Draw a line and cross it – Live in Tempe, Arizona

1. Bitterness
2. Disconnected
3. Test confessional
4. Vorvolaka
5. Kiss the floor
6. Draw a line and cross it
7. Pigsy
8. Happy Halloween
9. Existential baby
10. Spawn of dysfunction
11. Gang of one

A fantastic album. It's great to see Die so fluid back from a break following the sad death of Al Fletcher

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