L.A Guns, The Classic Grand, Glasgow 21/06/2011 (GIG)

After a slight line up change, opening tonight’s gig where local lads, Tragic City Thieves. I had heard of them however never seen them live and the guys did a great set. Def worth checking out, especially if you like the Glam meets Deathpunk style music.

Next up were Venrez and they rocked. The set list with older tracks along with songs from their new album “Sell The Lie” created great mix. The tracks for the new album are superb. They sounded really good tonight and provided us with a good show. Leaving us more than ready for L.A Guns to come on

The guy performed a good set playing most of the crowd’s favourites including “Ballad Of Jayne” as requested by a few of the audience and to finish off we got the Love/Hate classics, “Black Out In a Red Room” and finishing up with “Sex Action”.

Jizzy was up to his normal onstage antics with poses and kicks. Tracii Guns was on form tonight as was Doni pounding away on drums and also being left to sing a cover of “Hey Joe” after Jizzy went off stage.

I have to admit I was always more of a Love/Hate fan than a LA Guns fan so this line up suits me perfectly. Also I have seen these guys doing a great set at Hard Rock Hell last December, I knew what to expect.

The main downside to the evening was that Jizzy’s vocal were drowned out a bit by the guitars and drums, however I could hear him fine down at the front.

The set was quite a short one. It seemed to finish rather abruptly at the end and seemed to lack the power and fun of their HRH set!

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