Achren, The Classic Grand, Glasgow 24/06/2011 (GIG)

This was Achren only local gig before the guys head off and tear up Metalcamp and Wacken, then back to Blighty for Bloodstock over the next few months so we decided to go see the guys before they headed off on their European travels.

We arrived at the CG and we walked into a rather empty venue, however it did fill up over the course of the night. This did not deter any of the bands in anyway; each band gave great performances throughout the evening.

Town Called Hell was up first. They served up a great set of no nonsense brutal heavy metal. These guys have not long finished recording their debut LP which will be released soon, keep an eye out for it.

Dionysus reformed last year after a 5 year break. They played a mix of older and newer songs tonight. Doom style metal keyboards, bass/guitars and drums served up with growly vocals, this is Dionysus. However the mix for the guitars left us not hearing the guitar solos properly which did spoil the set for me.

Achren conquered The Classic tonight! The guys did a tight and powerful set with a selection of old and new tracks for us, along with witty banter with the crowd in-between tracks their set just flew past. Brutal riffs, deathly growls and screams along with pounding drums, it’s no wonder Achren has grown from strength to strength since they started out in 2003

Achren have released a live DVD called Impaled at Bloodstock featuring their performance from 2010 and their first full length album will be out shortly as well.


Town Called Hell





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