KROKUS set to release live album ‘Long Stick Goes Boom’

Swiss Hard Rock outfit KROKUS are returning with a live album – the new album, entitled ‘Long Stick Goes Boom’, is penned for a May 26 release date via Sonic Music.

krokus_2014_lo_resThe band comments:  With our career spanning for almost 40 years, having played over 2000 shows throughout the years on 5 continents, every gig was different, every place and every crowd too. Over the last 4 years we recorded around 20 shows. After re-listening all of them, we decided to release a live album that was recorded at our hometown show in August last year.

It was a truly magical night where all came together in the House of Rust – it was the night where Krok ‘n’ Roll came back to town – to Rockcity Solothurn where it all started back in 1975. We are extremely happy to share this moment with all of you now. It’s proof that in a cold, digital world there is still a place for true, dirty, handmade music – for the eternal flame of Rock ‘n’ Roll – our medicine of life.
A hell of a big “thank you” for your constant support and your faithfulness.”

Check out a trailer video for the track ‘Long Stick’ here:

krokus Long Stick Goes BoomLong Stick Goes Boom
Hallelujah Rock’n’ Roll
Go Baby Go
American Woman
Tokyo Nights
Rock City / Better Than Sex / Dög Song
Screaming in the Night
Bedside Radio
Easy Rocker
Live for the Action
Hoodoo Woman

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