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Some great reissues from this legendary thrash band.

German thrash legends Kreator are reissuing four of their albums that were originally released in the 90s. The albums being reissued are 1990’s “Coma Of Souls”, 1992’s “Renewal”, 1995’s “Cause For Conflict” and 1997’s “Outcast”. Each of the albums has been remastered by Andy Pearce (Black Sabbath, Voivod, Motorhead, Anthrax) and will be available in the usual CD and digital formats plus they’re all being released on coloured vinyl, so it’s a good opportunity for vinyl lovers to add these classic albums to their collections.

‘Coma Of Souls’ and ‘Outcast’ will now include previously unreleased, bonus live tracks, recorded in Germany in 1990 and at 1998’s Dynamo Open Air festival. ‘Renewal’ and ‘’Cause For Conflict’ also have 3 bonus tracks each. More details and full track listings are below.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Kreator to the thrash scene. They’re not only legends in Germany, but worldwide, and over the years have sold millions of albums and are still going strong, with their last album, “Gods of violence” hitting the charts in 10 countries.

Released in 1990, “Coma of souls” it wasn’t quite as successful as the previous albums, but was still a good solid album and while it progressed musically from the previous album, it was the last of the albums before the band started to really experiment with their sound. The reissue is a 2 disc affair with the first disc featuring the remasetered album, and the second disc being a live album, recorded in Fürth, Germany on 6th December 1990. Coming not long after the album release, the live show featured five songs from the album plus another 10 from earlier albums. That live show alone is a good reason to buy the reissue even if you already have the original album. “Coma of souls” will be reissued on 2CD Mediabook, Triple Gatefold 3LP (Transparent Red Vinyl) & Digital formats.

The band’s sixth album, “Renewal” was aptly titled as it saw the band make a significant change to their sound, bringing in industrial and death metal influences. While bands have to experiment and move on musically, often, as was the case with Kreator, some fans reacted badly to the changes, while other people were attracted to the new sound. It came at a time when other big thrash acts were experimenting too – as an example, a year earlier Anthrax had collaborated with Public Enemy. By experimenting, Kreator were able to move forwards and grow their fanbase while also avoiding the trap of staying still and starting to sound like other thrash acts, instead they still had a distinctive sound. The reissue comes with three bonus tracks. “Renewal” will be released on 1CD Mediabook, Gatefold 2LP (Transparent Green Vinyl) & Digital formats.

Kreator’s seventh album, “Cause for conflict” was still experimental with some of the Industrial sound still there, but was closer to the band’s traditional thrash sound. The reissue comes with three bonus tracks. “Cause for conflict” will be released on 1CD Mediabook, Gatefold 2LP (Blue Vinyl) & Digital formats.

With their eighth album, “Outcast” released in 1995, the band added some gothic rock elements to their thrash/inustrial sound. As with the previous album it was released at a time when metal was definitely out of fashion with Grunge having taken over, but Kreator never gave up and kept their policy of not chasing popularity, instead choosing to experiment with their sound to make the albums they wanted to make. For the reissue, there’s a second disc which is a live performance from Dynamo festival in 1998, and as with “Coma of souls” it’s worth buying this one just for the live disc.
“Outcast” will be released on 2CD Mediabook, Gatefold 2LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl) & Digital formats

Apart from helping vinyl lovers fill in gaps in their collections, the bonus material is good – and with two of the reissues including a full disc of live material that’s great value. One thing with releases is that they help bring the albums to a new audience. I’ve particularly enjoyed going back and listening to them again, and listening to them one after the other which is when you really start to notice how the sound changes over time.

Some great reissues from this legendary thrash band.

Track listings:

Coma of souls

1. When The Sun Burns Red
2. Coma Of Souls
3. People Of The Lie
4. World Beyond
5. Terror Zone
6. Agents Of Brutality
7. Material World Paranoia
8. Twisted Urges
9. Hidden Dictator
10. Mental Slavery
11. When The Sun Burns Red (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
12. Betrayer (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
13. Terrible Certainty (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
14. Extreme Aggression (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
15. Coma Of Souls (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990 ) (Disc 2)
16. People Of The Lie (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990 ) (Disc 2)
17. Choir Of The Damned (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990 ) (Disc 2)
18. The Pestilence (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
19. Toxic Trace (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
20. Drum Solo (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
21. Terror Zone (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
22. Pleasure To Kill (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
23. Flag Of Hate (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
24. Agents Of Brutality (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
25. Riot Of Violence (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)
26. Tormentor (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990) (Disc 2)


1. Winter Martyrium
2. Renewal
3. Reflection
4. Brainseed
5. Karmic Wheel
6. Realitätskontrolle
7. Zero To None
8. Europe After The Rain
9. Depression Unrest
10. Winter Martyrium
11. Trauma
12. Europe After The Rain

Cause for conflict:

1. Prevail
2. Catholic Despot
3. Progressive Proletarians
4. Crisis Of Disorder
5. Hate Inside Your Head
6. Bomb Threat
7. Man Without God
8. Lost
9. Dogmatic
10. Sculpture of Regret
11. Celestial Deliverance
12. Isolation
13. Suicide In Swamps
14. Limits of Liverty
15. State Oppression


1. Leave This World Behind
2. Phobia
3. Forever
4. Black Sunrise
5. Nonconformist
6. Enemy Unseen
7. Outcast
8. Stronger Than Before
9. Ruin of Life
10. Whatever It May Take
11. Alive Again
12. Against The Rest
13. A Better Tomorrow
14. Intro Dr Wagner Part 3 (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
15. Terror Zone (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
16. Lost (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
17. Leave This World Behind (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
18. Phobia (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
19. Black Sunrise (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
20. Choir of the Damned (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
21. Pleasure To Kill (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
22. Whatever It May Take (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
23. Extreme Aggression (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)
24. Renewal (Live At Dynamo 1998) (Disc 2)

Some great reissues from this legendary thrash band.

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