Kobra and Lotus Bloodstock interview 2012.

So with an intense weekend at Bloodstock I had the amazing opportunity to interview Kobra Paige, an amazing female metal vocalist, that kicks some serious ass on stage.

1. Kobra and Lotus are really starting to make a name in the metal scene; you have shared the stage and performed with some of the best acts in metal like Judas Priest what are your thoughts on this?

Thank you! It has been amazing to have these opportunities and see our hard work starting to pay off. We were so honoured and humbled to share the stages with such iconic acts this summer. Judas Priest was a dream come true and to top it all off, they were great people that treated us well. I got into metal because of the Priest so it meant a lot to me to support them.

2. For those that are only just learning about Kobra and Lotus what background can you tell our Planetmosh Readers?

Kobra and the Lotus is a traditional heavy metal band that I founded in 2008. We bring modern flavours of our generation but also pieces of many genres of metal so as to try and have something for everybody. If you like hard, driving riffs, dual lead guitar melodies, and classic heavy metal vocals, we are the band for you!

3. So this year you have received a massive signing, Universal and UK/Europe with Spinefarm, Gene Simmons came across Kobra and Lotus and was very keen to work with you guys how do you feel about this amazing opportunity?

There is only one way to describe this opportunity. Blessed. It still can feel surreal at times. We are well aware of how rare this opportunity is. To be the band that gets a chance at having this kind of support feels incredible.

4. So you have just released your self-titled album how is that going for you so far as over the past months you have made a pretty good impression at all the major festivals Download….Bloodstock?

It’s going great! The album released just before Bloodstock. When we played, we saw many people singing the words to our songs and that felt amazing! You instantly feel more connected to the audience when you are aware they know the music. It’s the first time we’ve ever experienced so much public support. We were all looking at each other like “wow, they’re here for us!!”.

5. So one of the tracks on that album that received great reception is ‘Welcome to my funeral’ which you have also done a music video…this is an extremely interesting video, set in a church but there is definitely abstract threatricality to it…what is the overall concept and the symbolic meaning behind it?

This video is about self-sabotage and how letting your fear take control can be incredibly destructive. In the video I am planning my own funeral. There is an insane funeral director representing the part of myself that has lost control and become blinded by the fear. There is also me, attending the funeral, being placed in the coffin, emotionless and dead inside. The bridge then represents the hope and realization that only we can change ourselves and our path. It is possible for everyone to overcome their fears even though it can be very scary.

6. So Kobra Paige it is heard that you are quite a spiritual person and your ink represents something very meaningful to you, is spirituality something you have always been intrigued about and practised?

Yes, I have always been spiritual simply because it provides strength and courage. I feel like I’m not alone. There are no categories in spirituality or right or wrong ways of thinking. No judgement. I prefer to keep an open mind and focus on keeping my intentions as good as possible.

7. Being in the 21st century it’s great female metal vocalists are now getting recognition, how does it feel to be compared to the greats?

I feel greatly esteemed and honoured to be compared to the greats. I could not be paid a higher compliment!

8. Tell us about your music background…what was the point in your life that took you down the music career path?

I have been involved in music since the age of 6 beginning with piano and then at age 8 I began classical vocal training. When I was 15, however, I saw Judas Priest and that was the end of any other kind of music for me. I was blown away by the experience and needed to be a part of the metal culture. I tried to start a band as humanly fast as possible after that!

9. So how have you found the Bloodstock experience?

Bloodstock was the highlight festival of the summer for me…it was wicked! It is smaller and more of a tight knit community feel. I loved the vibes there and also loved the band line ups. It was a straight up, balls out, heavy metal festival, no compromising. I love that.

10. What was the one band that stuck out to you the most this weekend?

I have to be honest, we were on tour right up until the day we played so I didn’t get a chance to see anyone. I would have loved to have seen Moonsorrow and Iced Earth.

11. What makes Bloodstock different from all the other festivals?

It’s the energy of the festival. It’s very different from the other festivals because of its communal feeling. It has an intimacy about it that is normally hard to capture with thousands of people but they really pull it off! Everyone went full out for this festival in all ways including their support for the bands and getting all dressing up. I saw some of the most intense make up and leather pieces of the summer. Bad Ass!!

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