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On 20 November 2022
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Calling all rock fans! Chaos Is Calling, debut album from Kira Mac is a must buy!

Chaos Is Calling, the recently self released debut album by Kira Mac is far from chaotic, it’s contents are ten songs of cocksure confidence that make for a very impressive listen. They came to my attention after seeing a full page piece in the latest Classic Rock mag with lead singer Rhiannon Kira Hill aka Kira Mac stating that “We’re called Kira Mac but it isn’t my band. It’s the boys band to and we’re a solid unit. It’s close knit family vibes”.

Their first three singles ‘One Way Ticket’,‘Hit Me Again’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’ taken from the album made it to the Planet Rock radio A-list, they also played at the Steelhouse Festival in July, the organisers were so pleased with their performance that they’ve been asked to return in 2023, are currently on a headlining UK tour that’s rapidly selling out, including The Rigger in Stoke On Trent where Kira was born and they will also be supporting The Sweet!

The album literally kicks off with ‘One Way Ticket’ as a statement of intent comes immediately courtesy of a gargantuan main riff, a spotlight stealing histrionic vocal and full on band backed choruses. A sedate midsection precedes an ear piercing guitar solo and an exhuberant outro.

‘Hit Me Again’, another raucous rocker that flies out of the starting blocks, crosses the finish line with ease on bruising grooves and snappy snare drums. Once again a supreme lung busting lead vocal impresses highly from a put up or shut up delivery.

‘Chaos Is Calling’ brings to mind the Scorpions at their rifftastic best which is no bad thing. It’s a hairy headbanger to test the strongest of neck muscles as it steamrollers along on unstoppable dynamics.

‘Back For More’ is an eerie slow burner that picks you up and doesn’t let go until it’s scared your soul.

A stoner rock main riff introduces ‘Imagine What We Could’ve Been’. It’s a monstrous song that grinds along backed by a rock solid rhythm section and the icing on the cake comes from a bitter sweet vocal.

‘Mississippi Swinging ‘ is a bona fide hipswinger due to its sassy, classy and brassy rhythms to make for a worth its weight in gold dance floor filler.

‘Hell Fire, Holy Water’ stokes the fires of hell to ear melting temperatures for four fiery minutes of a stratospheric vocal as the riffs jab in the verses but go for a knockout in the caustic choruses.

A truly tumultuous vocal makes ‘Downfall’ thoroughbred rock n roller that hits hard and heavy, especially from the meaty riffs midway and the choruses must be obeyed for nothing less than a good time!

My album highlight is ‘Never Going To Stay’ due to its feelgood vibes that ebb and flow on hooks that reel you in and when the stadium filling choruses arrive, it’s sheer perfection.

The album ends strongly with ‘Dead Man Walking’, it’s a stunning song that walks the walk and talks the talk on grungy riffs that propel this thunderer along as Kira delivers her most potent vocal.

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Chaos Is Calling album track listing :-

One Way Ticket.

Hit Me Again.

Chaos Is Calling.

Back For More.

Imagine What We Could’ve Been.

Mississippi Swinging.

Hell Fire, Holy Water.


Never Going To Stay.

Dead Man Walking.

Album band line up :-

Kira Mac – Lead Vocals.

Joe Worrall – Guitar.

Alex Novakovic – Guitar.

Bret Barnes – Bass Guitar.

Cal Casey – Drums.

Current band line up :-

Kira Mac – Lead Vocals.

Joe Worrall – Guitar.

Alex Novakovic – Guitar.

Bret Barnes – Bass Guitar.

Max Rhead – Drums.

Calling all rock fans! Chaos Is Calling, debut album from Kira Mac is a must buy!

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