KaiDekA – ‘A Blissful Image Of A Dystopian Vision’

KaiDekA - Blissful Image ArtworkHaving earned 8/10 from PM with their debut ‘False Idols and Pyrite Thrones’ album at the beginning of 2012, Falmouth nu-thrash crossover mob KaiDekA return with this impressive sophomore, which cements their Slipknot-meets-MachineHead style with aplomb and panache.

Right from the opening bars of ‘Pre-Requisite’, the south coasters hit the target with their rapid fire riffs, courtesy of the twin guitar attack of Curt Nash and Lewis Allen, and ballistic rhythmic beatdowns from Tom Healan and Jamie Gill, while vocalist Dax Partridge delivers an erudite performance that sounds like Jonathan Davis doing grindcore while off his skull on several litres of Buckfast.


25145400 (The Nameless) / Pre-Requisite / Higs Bosun / The Vindicator’s Façade / Shackles Of The Flesh / A Drinking Song For Drug Addicts / Obsessive / Dim Cave Droan / A Blissful Image Of A Dystopian Vision / Verb The Noun


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