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On 9 February 2019
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The furious four return to disturb our minds.

So after a two year gap between Aokigahara, the debut album by Brighton lunatics Jonestown, those trusting people at Long Branch Records have removed their straitjackets and let them loose in the studio for an even more disturbing follow up titled Dyatlov.

It really is hard to define them in a genre as their unholy racket is akin to a cathartic, relentless rage that picks you up and throws you in the corner until the red mist they create subsides at the end of this punishing release. They batter from the off as the musically monotone intro of ‘Burn Victim’ sees lead vocalist Harley Anderson roar in backed by jarring dynamics that threaten to turn your speakers to dust! It’s a rush of blood to the brain start as the hypnotic mantra like vocals for ‘Blunt Force Nihilist are backed by a crushing drum assault with the guitar and bass lines meshing to envelop it in a shroud of doom. From the teeth rattling intro of ‘Novae’ and an ambient ending, never has extreme music sounded so uplifting.

A discordant chug increases in anger during ‘Abyss’ when Harley rages in on a hateful rant giving the listener a ride on a tidal wave of angst. The grooves of the title track sound as though they are battering the gates of Hell and ease off to writhe and churn towards the end. The band hit a higher level during ‘The Peoples Temple’ as they manically stomp towards a mind bending adrenaline rush midway. ‘Cut Throat Lane’ lives up to its name purely for the guttural gargled vocal. The shockwaves from Thors hammer describes what the band are sonically producing for ‘The Scorpion And The Frog’ to compose the soundtrack to armageddon. A full on battery introduces ‘History Of A Drowning Boy’ that eerily goes symphonic midway, throwing a curveball until a blastbeat driven twin vocal delivery leads to a monstrous ending. It takes a special song to close an album as thrilling as this and ‘The Pass’ does it with ease as its eight minute length attempts to lobotomize with guest vocalist Helena McLeod gently laying down her lines over a melodic guitar as an industrial piece heralds the arrival of Harley as he adds an edge due to lung busting screams causing the riffs to sharpen and speed up as they scythe towards an epic lesson of extremity.


Jonestown band line up :-

Harley Anderson – Lead vocals.

Craig Radford – Guitar.

Lloyd Dunkley – Bass guitar.

Rich Owen – Drums.


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The furious four return to disturb our minds.

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