Javelin – ‘Fragments Of The Inner Shadow’

Javelin ArtworkThere aren’t many bands who hang around for 30 years before releasing their first album, but German progressive power metallers Javelin most certainly fall into that category:  despite having previously released two EPs (with a 12 year gap between them, it must be said), the quintet have certainly taken their time in preparing the metal world for this first full scale assault.

Well, if you’re going to wait three quarters of a lifetime for something, it better be pretty damn good, hadn’t it?   Well, it must be admitted, that this is a pretty decent power rock album which does display the maturity of a group of dedicated musicians who have been faithfully living their dream and then carefully crafting their means of fulfilling it in every spare moment of their time…

There are moments – such as the gigantic ‘Falling’ the dark, brooding yet energetic ‘Captured Under Sand’ and the magnificently aggressive ‘Dark Broken Land’ – which would most definitely give a lot more established acts a ‘pick-the-pace-up-old-timer’ run down the back straight,  and overall the effect is one of taking a classic genre and genuinely giving it an enthusiastic but naive kick in the gonads….

Track list:

Help Us / The Arrival / The Cenotaph / Birth Of A Plague / Down / Healing / Falling / Lie To Me / Captured Under Sand / Now, That I Know / Closer To The Pain / Dark Broken Land / Season Of Grey

‘Fragments Of The Inner Shadow’ is out now on Pure Underground Records.  To order your copy, click on the Amazon banner at the top of the page.



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