Jared James Nichols – Black magic

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Jared James Nichols

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On 6 November 2017
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A great abum - more hard rock than blues but with plenty to applea to both rock fans and blues fans

Jared James Nichols releases his new album, Black magic, on 27th October. The follow up to his 2015 album, “Old glory & the wild revival”, it’s an album that’s eagerly awaited by the fans. In the last few years Jared James Nichols has toured relentlessly, sharing stages with the likes of Glenn Hughes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zak Wilde, ZZ Too, Blue oyster cult, UFO and Saxon. His live shows are always impressive – no flashy lights or pyro needed, it’s just him, his band and some superb playing. He puts in such energetic and exciting performances with stunningly good guitar playing that he’s won a lot of new fans since the release of the last album.

Check out the video for the opening track, “Last chance”..

For this new album he’s kept the songs surprisingly short with only a few barely breaking the 3 minute mark, and there’s definitely more of a hard rock feel than Blues here – the shorter song lengths really keeping things in check. The songs do show off a lot of his talent though with plenty of great riffs and short solos, but I can’t help thinking a few longer songs would have allowed him to include longer solos and include more of a blues feel. His vocals are great – he’s equally at home singing as he is playing the guitar and there’s plenty of feeling in the vocals.

It’s a great album. Yes it’s moved more towards hard rock rather than being blues-rock but the blues element isn’t completely missing and you’ve got an album that will appeal to a wide range of rock fans. Well worth a listen.


Track listing:

1. Last chance
2. The gun
3. Don’t be scared
4. Honey forgive me
5. Home
6. Got to have you
7. End of time
8. Run
9. Keep your light on mama
10. What love

A great abum - more hard rock than blues but with plenty to applea to both rock fans and blues fans

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