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On 6 November 2017
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A great live album from a band that should be far bigger outside France than they are.

When you think of all the rock and metal bands you listen to, a large amount will be from the US or UK, but when you look away from the English speaking countries then Finland, Sweden and Germany probably make up a large proportion. One country that is strangely under-represented in most people’s collections is France. You’ve got Gojira who are doing extremely well at the moment, but apart from them, most people would probably struggle to name a French rock or metal band. That’s a strange situation, especially when you look at the band Trust. Among their former members are Iron Maiden drummers, Nicko McBrain and Clive Burr, and they’ve had a cover of one of their songs make it big in the metal world – Antisocial, covered by Anthrax. Despite that and a long career, Trust seem fairly unknown outside France.
Perhaps it’s the language? Most bands tend to sing in English even if that’s not their first language, whereas Trust sing in French, but even that doesnt explain it – after all, Rammstein sing in German but are hugely popular in the UK and US.

Listening to their new album – a live recording of their set at Hellfest this year, it’s clear that a lack of musical talent is certainly not the reason why they aren’t better known – they’re a damn good band. It really is excellent hard rock with great songs, good solid riffs, lovely guitar work and great vocals. I suspect if they sang in English they’d be far more well known and popular outside France than they currently are, but it’s worth listening to their music even if you don’t speak a word of French. Yes you lose the benefit of knowing what the lyrics are, but you don’t need to understand the lyrics to enjoy these great songs – they’re still great to listen to, but understanding the lyrics would be a bonus.

The DVD release features a bonus video – Trust performing “Antisocial” with Anthraxz at the Artefacts festival in Strasbourg in 2016.

A great live album from a band that should be far bigger outside France than they are.


Track listing:

1. L’Archange
2. Marche ou Creve
3. Fais ou on te dit de faire
4. Au nim de la race
5. La temps efface tout
6. Democrassie
7. Surveille ton look
8. L’Elite
9. Antisocial
10. Antisocial, featuring Anthrax (DVD only)

A great live album from a band that should be far bigger outside France than they are.

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