Invictus – Unconquerable

Invictus - Unconquerable
Invictus – Unconquerable

Six piece metalcore newcomers Invictus have been busy lads since their inception last year. Hailing from Leicester, the band are already regional semi-finalists in this year’s Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses while their debut EP release has been crafted by Seven Deadly’s Archie Wilson.

The EP itself has all the hallmarks of the metalcore genre; a good mix of melodic musicianship and beatdown riffage, contrasting melodic and aggressive vocal styles and technically proficient playing across the board. It’s all here and that is probably my main criticism of the band. This four track EP showcases Invictus to be a talented bunch but there’s nothing in this that stands out or more importantly that I haven’t heard before sadly. This is the kind of stuff that the likes of KillSwitch Engage and their ilk have been putting out for the past ten years plus.

At present this EP release feels like it is from a young band who still need to find their own groove and own mark of originality in what is an already very crowded genre. They have the potential here, that is without question. There’s some great beatdown riffage, in particular on the track Zero that they’ve chosen as the single from the EP, while end track Cimmerian carries a lot of power and deceptive complexity.

The production from Archie Wilson for a debut EP is great and gives weight to the music, although I feel both vocal styles lack the necessary gravitas and power to lift above the music. What’s good about these things though is that all this will definitely come from experience.

Unconquerable is a solid introduction to a young band who will most definitely improve with age.

Get the album directly from the band at the links below.

1. Master of my fate
2. Zero
3. Lazarus
4. Cimmerian

Invictus are:
Callum Tipler – vocals
Kristian Price – vocals
James Bowley – guitars
Lee Cart – guitars
Nathan Bates – bass
Jake Brayshaw-Williams – drums



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