Interview with Zoltan Farkas of Ektomorf

PlanetMosh recently caught up with Zoltan Farkas of Ektomorf to talk about their new album ‘Retribution’ that is coming out in February, their plans for this year.

EKTOMORF 2014 smallHow would you describe Ektomorf as a band these days and what has changed since you guys first started out over 20+ years ago in 1993?

 Ektomorf is what we were always it is what we are, this is a band playing cross over that which makes us different from another band and it’s always going to be like this. First with our line-ups we changed a few line-ups, the thing with this line up is that it’s really strong and it’s going to stay I hope. An also in the style of our music we put in some melodies and harmonies we didn’t have before but on the way that is acceptable for Ektomorf it’s not like something really different, and we would never do something like that so this is the sort of things that have changed mainly but the basic thing has stayed, we are playing really heavy music but of course in twenty years things are changing you know some for the better and always for the good. So this is the sort of things that have changed.

 What are your individual musical influences and how do you go about combining those into the Ektomorf sound?

 I have you know many influences from Rammstein, from metal I can say that my biggest influence like many musicians is Metallica but I also like from Johnny Cash, I like Dead Can Dance I like you know movie tracks a lot of things and I just put this in my music as I feel sometimes. I play my guitar and I heard something before that of course influenced me like Metallica it’s always influenced me, even if you can’t hear it in the music also other bands like Slayer or the old Sepultura things that influenced me. You know these bands made me to play music, anyway when I write music it’s not about when I listen to this stuff buy mainly this is the sort of stuff that put me on the road that I am on now.

EKTOMORF announce new album details


 Has the song writing process and recording process been any different with ‘Retribution’ compared to your other albums?

 Well this time I did not write the songs with a computer my brother and his drummer, this time I called my drummer and said “Hey man pack your stuff I’m going to pick you up, just come to me” I have a band room in my studio in my back yard “just come to me and we are going to jam” This album ‘Retribution’ was really born from jamming and I think this is fuckin great, because there is my drummer and me, there is the band room and we put out the big black flag in the room you know the backdrop from the tour and this is how this album was written. It’s really organic really natural it’s really pure music no sitting with the computer and brainstorming what to do, it’s just came the songs came out from jamming, and I really like it because I think this is really music not like the other albums before but this is different it’s like you know when I wrote the album ‘Outcast’ it was the same written by jamming so I’m glad that I did this this way.

 Is there any significance to the album title?

 Yeah Retribution is the meaning on my side you know that since I’m doing this one I’m doing, some people stood in the way like a wall putting us down stuff like that and we always come back with something and we always survive it and we get stronger and bigger and this is how it goes. This album was written for those mutherfuckers and also for those in my private life not lovers of the music. This is like really to show them that whatever they did against me, the band or what we do we are coming back with this album and they are going to get it

When can we expect to hear with the finished album?

 The album will be out in early January and I’m really excited because of the feedback from the press and the fans it’s just very very positive so I’m very excited about this.

 Do you have a favourite gig or festival that you’ve have played?

 I have many, I have many I have been doing this for twenty years and If I should pick out just one in 2007 With Full Force festival was really great but there was also some club shows but if I was just pick one With Full Force 2007 you can see that on YouTube.

 Which band/artist would you most like to tour with?

 For me it is Metallica, if I could tour with Metallica that would be fuckin killer.

Do you actually get much time on tour to see anything more than an airport, hotel, tour bus or venue?

 Yes I do, when we arrive at a venue it’s normally in the morning I always take the chance when I can to go into town if I’m not too tired if it’s an interesting town. Sometimes I do it alone sometimes I do it with somebody from the crew or the band, yes I do that. When sometimes it’s like a weekend show and we are flying then no. When we tour with a bus then I have more chance and I always take the chance to do it.

 What are your plans for 2014?

We are already working on a European tour right now and it looks great and then festivals, we are already booked for some festivals some big ones too and the plan is to play, play and play and I really hope that this year we could do the west. I really hope that it’s going to be a busy year and it looks like it will.

Any final messages for the readers?

My finally message for the readers is I know we didn’t play much in the UK and I hope that it’s going to change and we can do more shows there, but anyway for those that supported us till now thanks a lot and I hope to see you on tour, and thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you Zoltan for tacking the time to do the Interview for PlanetMosh. ‘Retribution’ by Efktomorf is released on the 3rd of February.


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