October 31 – Meet Thy Maker (Re-Release)

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October 31
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On 1 February 2014
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Overall verdict a great album, raw and energetic which die hard heavy metal fans with a love of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden should listen to as they'll probably love October 31 too.

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October 31 are an American heavy metal band formed in Virginia in 1995 by King Fowley of Deceased (he isn’t actually deceased, as I first thought when I read King Fowley Deceased, but is the vocalist/drummer in the band Deceased) and Brian Williams from the Melvins. Joined on Bass by Jim Hunter, October 31 started out as a three piece but, several line-up changes down the line sees the current line-up with five members. Now signed to Hells Headbangers they re-released their 1997 debut album Meet Thy Maker and follow up The Fire Awaits you (originally 1999) on 21st January 2014.

The lyrics seem to be mainly based on the Dark Arts – Witchcraft and Sorcery and the Dark Ages – Knights and Swords! With sixteen tracks I’m not going to go through each one individually, other than to say they were all classic heavy metal with lots of screaming riffs and powerful drumbeats. I picked up similarities to bands such as Megadeth, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I also picked up some orchestral vibes in Behind the Castle Walls and When Darkness Cover the Sun. I’ll pick out a few highlights.

Far From Danger Now was Motorhead rhythm beats Motley Crue riffs. Power and the Glory sounds very Saxon, well it would really, being a cover of and a worthy cover it is too! Visions of the End was very Bad News, as in Bad News meets Raven. Warriors of Genghis Khan take those Lambs to the Slaughter! However I was also reminded of Sister Sin female fronted Swedish band especially their track Dirty Damn I , with The Legend of the Haunted Sea reminding me of another female fronted band, this time Canadian band Kobra and the Lotus.

I’m sure most people have done this, heard a lyric and for months, years, decades even sang something completley different in their mind! I kept thinking Chuck Parsons was singing ‘Meet Jamaica’ even though I knew the song is Meet Thy Maker! It is easy to mishear words and live in your own bubble, as to what those lyrics are, until someone corrects you! Whether Fyre Power have ever heard of, or listened to, October 31 to take some influence from them I don’t know, because I thought their song XXV very similar to Meet Thy Maker. I kept expecting King to sing ‘We Will Defend!’

There are a few epic songs at over six minutes each which, are listenable but, I find a bit repetitive. Although I’ve never been a big fan of long songs, so maybe that’s just me. I prefer, short, fast numbers hence the highlight song for me is a cover  in Give ‘Em The Axe by Lizzy Borden, the singing style in this one reminding me a little of Ozzy Osbourne.

Overall verdict a great album, raw and energetic which die hard heavy metal fans with a love of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden should listen to, as they’ll probably love October 31 too. All heavy metal fans like Halloween anyway, don’t they?

October 31 - Meet Thy Maker Track list:

1. Meet Thy Maker
2. Just an Illusion
3. For There Is War!
4. Far from Danger Now
5. Power and the Glory (Saxon cover)
6. The Verdict
7. Behind the Castle Walls

8. Visions of the End
9. The Chosen One
10. Servants and Slaves
11. Give ‘Em the Axe (Lizzy Borden cover)
12. The Legend of the Haunted Sea
13. When Darkness Covers the Sun (recorded during Meet Thy Maker sessions)
14. The Chosen One (1997 demo)
15. Meet Thy Maker (1999 demo, with Chuck Parsons on vocals)
16. The Chosen One (live 2000, with Shawn Pelata on vocals)
(Track 8-12 from Visions of the End EP 1998)

 october 31 - band 2013 smallCurrent Band Members: 

King Fowley – vocals/drums
Brian Williams – guitars
Jason Tedder – guitars
Jim Hunter -bass
Dave Castillo – drums


Overall verdict a great album, raw and energetic which die hard heavy metal fans with a love of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden should listen to as they'll probably love October 31 too.

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