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Suns Of Stone

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On 31 January 2014
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"... crunching, driving riffs and swaggering melodies..."

.@Planetmosh reviews the self-titled album by @sunsofstone, out now on Bad Reputation Records.

Suns Of Stone ArtworkCanadian quartet Suns Of Stone follow a southern-edged blues rock path that has been trodden by a thousand predecessors, and while it may not be the most original route to follow they find their way along it with assurity and confidence.

Filled with crunching, driving riffs and swaggering melodies, lying somewhere between the bravura of a fledgling Black Crowes and the lachrymose meanderings of Duane and Greg Allman, the album has a easy gentility about it which is as pleasant as it is surprising.  Alan Charlton’s voice is rich and gravelly, while Jimmy King’s picking is as sweet as the ripest fig and his slide work is as genteel as the whisper of a feather across a sweat-soaked back.

The band also bring enough originality – such as the funked up second half of ‘Another Dollar’, which reminds of a heavier Oddsocks Revival – to augment their passion for a genre which can be overplayed but in this case is understated in its effectiveness.

Track list:

Hold On Me / Rise Up / Stormbringer / Another Dollar / Talking To Me / A Little More / Down The Road / Sun Don’t Shine / For Some Reason / Piece Of Mind

Recommended listening:  Talking To Me

‘Suns Of Stone’ is out now on Bad Reputation.

"... crunching, driving riffs and swaggering melodies..."

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