Triggerfinger interview, Barrowland, Glasgow 19/1/12

I had the pleasure of interview the sharp suited trio that makes up Triggerfinger, prior to their soundcheck at the Barrowland in Glasgow on the first night of the tour with Clutch and Thin Lizzy

Triggerfinger are a fiery three-piece from Antwerp.  They have been making a great name for themselves over the last few years with 3 albums releases, playing festivals such as High Voltage Festival in London, being one of the bands to support Within Temptation in Europe last year.

The guys summarise 2011 for us and tell us some of their plans for 2012 including this tour, writing a film script for a Belgium movie, new album, festivals etc.


Triggerfinger are

Ruben Block: vocals & guitar
Mario Goossens: drums
Monsieur Paul: bass

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