Thin Lizzy at The Barrowland, Glasgow 19/1/12

Are You Ready?  I can honestly say that we are more ready for tonight’s sold out show comprising of Thin Lizzy, Clutch and Triggerfinger, all ready to take the Barra’s by storm. It’s great to see more bands’ coming back to play in the legendary venue, The Barrowland Ballroom (Barra’s) in Glasgow.


To start the night off we have sharp suit wearers, Triggerfinger, a fiery three-piece from Antwerp consisting of guitarist and singer Ruben Block, drummer Mario Goossens and bassist Paul Van Bruystegem.  They have been making a great name for themselves over the last few years with 3 albums releases, playing festivals such as High Voltage Festival in London, being one of the bands to support Within Temptation in Europe last year. They are definitely on the rise.

They start off with ‘I’m Coming For You’ from their latest album ‘All This Dancing Around’ then ‘On My Knees’ from their first self titled album. ‘Short Term Memory Love’ and ‘My Babys Got a Gun’ was the song that the crowd really started getting into it, as the place was filling up fast at this point. Ruben interacting well with the crowd getting us to clap along to the songs. They finished up with ‘All This Dancing Around’ and ‘First Taste’

They are eclectic style wise a combination of blues, rock and grooves delivered in high octane style.  Ruben dances, spins and jumps around the stage in-between singing the songs, Mario is a mini Animal from the Muppets on drums never stopping for a second, drumsticks always twirling and spinning as well as helping to get the crowd involved during the songs, along with Paul who is playing some ballsy bass riffs. A great start to the night.

Triggerfinger Setlist

I’m Coming For You

On My Knees

Short Term Memory Love

My Babys Got a Gun

All This Dancing Around

First Taste

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US Rockers Clutch, like Thin Lizzy should need no introduction at all. Neil Fallon with his distinctive vocal sound and style as well as playing the guitar on some songs, combined with the talents of Tim Sult on guitar, Dan Maines bass and Jean-Paul Gaster on drums. that sets them apart from other bands.

They launch tonight’s set off with ‘Swollen Goat’, ‘The Mob Goes Wild’ and ‘Pure Rock Fury’ the Clutch fans in the crowd are having a ball. ‘Struck Down’ and ‘Regulator’ up next and you can hear the fans singing along. Neil’s poses and a fantastic blend of facial expressions keeps us amused whilst they go through their set.

They close their set with ‘Easy Breeze’ and ‘Electric Worry’ the majority of the packed out Barra’s are singing, jumping and dancing along to these songs. Clutch was on great form and delivers a powerful set; they keep the crowd entertained throughout.

Clutch Setlist

Swollen Goat

The Mob Goes Wild

Pure Rock Fury

50,000 Unstoppable Watts

Struck Down


Burning Beard

Puerta Abierta

I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth

Easy Breeze

Electric Worry

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Thin Lizzy

As the house light dim down and the intro music starts the crowd starts to go a little crazy, especially when the Thin Lizzy guys walk on stage. When Ricky walks up to the mic and shouts Are You Ready? before they start to play the song, the screams and cheers are immense. Its sets the party atmosphere for tonight’s set. ‘Jailbreak’ and ‘Bad Reputation’ goes down just as well! 

Do Anything You Want To’ the crew brings on three Thin Lizzy drums for Damon, Ricky and Scott to play during the song. The heavier style songs Massacre’ and ‘Angel of Death’ both get a fantastic reaction.

‘Still In Love With You’ is sang by Darren and Ricky the slower pace song allows the crowd to have a breathers before they launch into probably, one of the audiences favourites ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ I can guess that most of the crowd was singing along with this song and when I looked back from the front during the song all I could see was hands in the air and people jumping and dancing along, it was a great sight to see.

‘Sha La La’ was played next and this gives Brian’s his turn for his drum solo, which was outstanding as always. Tonight wasn’t without problems half the lighting rig failed during ‘Sha La La’. Not one to shy away from the lighting rig problem Ricky shouted out ‘You might have noticed we have all these lights and none of them are fucking working!’ which brought much laughter from the crowd as the lights started to work again. Ricky continues on ‘I stand correct; some of them are working, then shouts out ‘are they all working?’ then ‘You don’t care about that anyway do you Glasgow?, as long as its fucking loud right!’ We all agreed with him as they started to play ‘Waiting For An Alibi’.

 ‘Cowboy Song’ see’s the crowd howling like coyotes, before we have the tremendous ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ which finishes off the main set, the crowd are singing and dancing along with gusto.

They return onstage after about 5 minutes and start off the encore with ‘Emerald’ then ‘Rosalie’ and finally bringing tonight concert to an end with the superb ‘Black Rose’. Three great songs performed superbly, a great way to end a fantastic set.

Even with the lighting rig problem and the vocals seemed a bit muddied at times, this did not diminish tonight performance at all. This was the fourth time I’ve seen Thin Lizzy in a year and I can honestly say they just keep on getting better and better. They never disappoint and always give 100% on stage and seem to being having just as much fun as we are. If you haven’t seen them go and do it as you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Thin Lizzy Setlist

Are You Ready?


Bad Reputation

Do Anything You Want To

Don’t Believe A Word

Killer On The Loose

Dancing in the Moonlight


Angel of Death

Still In Love With You

Whiskey in the Jar

Sha La La

Waiting For An Alibi

Cowboy Song

The Boys Are Back In Town




Black Rose

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