Interview with Savage Outlaw at Hammerfest IV, March 2012

I caught up with the lovely blokes from Savage Outlaw at Hammerfest IV to talk about being at Hammerfest for the first time and what’s next for them in 2012, with a couple of other random questions thrown in.

Thanks guys!

Check out their debut album ‘Life of Sin’, which is out now.


For those that have not seen you play before, could you describe what your music is like?

We seem to fall under the hard rock banner of music, often compared to Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown. The songs we play tend to be very catchy and when performed live include a lot of crowd participation.


Congratulations on winner a spot playing at Hammerfest IV through Highway to Hell 2!  It was tough competition – how does it feel? 

It’s an amazing feeling, Just being asked to go up to Glasgow to take part in the competition was an honour. During the competition we watched every band and they all blew us away, all the bands that progressed to the HRH Festivals and those who missed out. The quality was truly amazing. To be selected is the best feeling we have had as a band, it was a truly special to us.


Have you been to Hammerfest before? 

No, never been here before so far the whole day has been great. It’s a very unique experience here, we would love to come back not just as a band but as punters as well!


Are you here for the long haul or do you need to head off after you set? 

We will be here over night, planning on partying with some of the people we have met here as well as catching some cracking bands. We will be here for the full thing, not everyday you get the chance to catch Anthrax and Skindred.


What bands are you looking to see this weekend? 

Quite a few bands, we would like to catch all the bands from Highway to Hell specially Kyrbgrinder, Trucker Diablo and Spirytus as well as Anthrax, Chimera, Skindred, Evil Scarecrow and anyone else we happen to stumble across.


What would be your dream collaboration be? 

As a band we all have different people we would love to work with!

Stu: Lemmy.

Ian: All my idols are no longer with us but if we could resurrect the dead it would have to be Cliff Burton.  If not then I suppose it would have to be Metallica.

Karl: Slash.

Mark: Bruce Springsteen.

JD: The cult!!! Other than that it would be great to do something with Black Stone Cherry


If you could swap places with one person for a day, who would it be? 

Difficult one.

JD: I’d swap with Ian Ashtbry from the cult!

Ian: I’d swap with the guys who book Download and book us lol.

Mark: I’d swap with Bruce Springsteen to see what it’s like to perform to his fans.

Karl: Slash.

Stu: It’s a difficult one I’m not too sure but I’d like to spend a day on sunset strip as Lemmy.


So, what’s next for Savage Outlaw? 

We’ll our debut album ‘Life of Sin’ is launched tomorrow on  so we’re looking forward to see how it’s received. We’re also talking to some festivals so fingers crossed you will get the chance to catch us all over the place this summer!


So finally, for the hard sell, you have 10 seconds to bring in some new fans, what would you say? 

We Are Savage Outlaw and we play rock ‘n’ Roll. Check us out and change your life! :D


Do you want to say anything else to your UK fans? 

Thank you! They have been great to us from the get go! Without them we wouldn’t be here! Thanks for all the support and we will party with you all soon!



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