Les Discret, ‘Ariettes oubliees…’ CD Review.


With roots going as far back as 2003,the band was formed as a companion and vehicle of expression for the art of guitarist/singer/composer Fursy Teyssier. Although no concrete releases came until 2009 with the appearance of a split EP which was followed in 2010 with the bands first full length offering in the form of ‘Septembre et Ses Dernieres Pensees’ which left many a commentator scratching their heads as to which genre the band should be put in. Post Rock, Post Metal were just two bandied about but to my ears this latest release falls firmly in the Doom camp.
Tracks such as ‘Ariettes Oubliees…’ and ‘La Traversee’ ooze darkness and a hopeless beauty which is nigh impossible not to get completely immersed in, whilst the slightly more upbeat tones of ‘La Nuit Muette’ give a sense of hope and light which strikes a welcome balance against the rest of the album.

The deliberately understated vocals of co-vocalist Audrey Hadorn provide a perfect foil for Fursy’s voice, and offer an almost ethereal feel to further enhance the ambience of a really well crafted and thoroughly moving piece of work.
The line up is completed by drummer Winterhalter who also collaborates with Fursy in Alcest, and the benefits of working with someone in a different vein is obviously beneficial to them both as this record is most definitely a credit to all concerned. In short if you’re a fan of Doom Metal, Ambient Metal, etc then this is most certainly worthy of further inspection.


Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. Linceul D’hiver.
2. La Traversee.
3. La Mouvement Perpetuel.
4. Ariettes Oubliees..
5. La Nuit Muette.
6. Au Creux De L’hiver.
7. Apres L’ombre.
8. Les Regrets.



Out now via Prophecy Productions.

Watch the video promo clip here.


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