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Manchester based The Bourbon Hounds formed in 2014 “The brain child of Simon and Steve back in 2013 and after a long hard wait and determination, Attila, Tom and Bret arrived to bring some magic to the ever growing catalogue of music” read their full biography here.

They supported The Tyla J Pallas Band in Bury last week (13th August), will be playing at Roughley’s Bike Show in Stockport next Sunday (28th August) and were voted to take part in Hard Rock Hell’s Highway to Hell 7 “Our very own ROCK FACTOR – LIVE FINALS” which takes place on the 3rd and 4th September 2016 at O2 Academy Sheffield.

PlanetMosh took the opportunity to ask the band a few questions before these prestigious events and here’s what their vocalist Simon (AKA Mr Wisksa) had to say: –

Simon (AKA Mr Wiskas) – The Bourbon Hounds

Can you tell me a little bit about the band and how you got together, who plays what?

I am Simon the singer, Steve on guitar, Attila on guitar, Bret on Bass & Tom on Drums. Me and Steve met almost 4 years ago at a Quireboys gig and kept in touch with the idea of starting the type of band we both wanted to be in. Fast forward to March 2014 and The Bourbon Hounds was formed with Attila joining almost immediately. It took until January of 2015 to find Tom with Bret completing the lineup in March 2015. The decision was made to write songs and practice with the aim of coming up with a set that would stand on it’s own once we started gigging no covers allowed. 50 song’s were written before we made our live debut at the end of August 2015.

Who is the creative force/who writes the lyrics and music?

We have a different way of writing songs, Steve or Attila come up with an idea that will have 3 or 4 parts to it, they send it to me and I arrange(butcher) it and add the melody

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The musical ideas that Steve or Attila come up with inspire me to turn them into a song. The feel of that song then dictates the lyrical ideas.

Who are you biggest influences?

I wouldn’t say any band influence me when it comes to song writing. I have a wide range of musical taste far too many to mention but late 80’s glam is my main rock of choice.

Any plans to release an EP or album?

We are planning on recording in the very near future, we have more than enough songs for an album.

Why should people come and see The Bourbon Hounds?

We always give everything we have to give when we hit the stage, it’s loud, fast, raw and honest balls out rock n roll.

Is Bourbon your onstage tipple of choice?

As the singer I drink a lot during a gig so I tend to take a couple of beers on stage with me.

Is it better to play a gig hammered or sober anyway?

For me I prefer to do my drinking after we’ve been on stage. I want to give my best on stage and that means being disciplined beforehand.

You’ve just opened for Tyla J Pallas Band (Dogs D’Amour) at The Towler in Tottington. What, if anything, did you young pups learn from an old seasoned pro like Tyla?

Being honest nothing I didn’t already know but it is always good to get up close to a person who you have admired as a performer and a songwriter for many years.

If you could open for any other band (past or present) who would it be and why?

LA Guns because they are my favourite band.

Which up and coming bands would you recommend The Bourbon Hounds fans to listen to and/or go and see?

Black Rain, Damn Dice & Kane’d are three bands that I have enjoyed seeing live this year.

Roughleys Bike Show 2016You’re playing at Roughley’s Bike Show at the end of the month (a popular local annual event in Stockport). How does it feel to be taking part this year?

As an event it is well organised and raises money for charity and it’s certainly going to be a great crowd who always turn up looking to have nothing but a good time. We are all looking forward to hitting the stage in front of a big crowd.

HRH HTHWhat was your reaction when you realised you were through to the Highway to Hell Battle of the Bands?

To be voted through to the final means that people voted for us in their numbers. It’s both humbling and exciting to know that people are into what we are doing.

What would it mean to you to play at Hard Rock Hell?

It would mean a hell of a lot to play to a large crowd of pure rock fans many who will not of heard of The Bourbon Hounds. It would open the band up to a much wider audience and will hopefully lead to more people getting into our music.

Any final message?

Rock N Roll should never be perfect but it sure as hell should always be fun.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Good luck at Highway to Hell!

The Bourbon Hounds are: –

Simon aka Mr Wiskas – Vocals

SJ aka Dude – Rhythm / Lead Guitar

Attila – Rhythm / Lead Guitar

Tom Downs – Skin Beater

Bret Axl Barnes – Bass Master General

Find out more about The Bourbon Hounds here: –

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